Harmonix Music VR Will Launch Alongside PSVR This October

Harmonix have announced a new “experience” coming to their PSVR launch title, imaginatively titled Harmonix Music VR. The game “brings your songs to life”, allowing you to step into any song on your PS4’s hard drive, and the newly announced Dance pack even lets you choreograph moves for “whacky characters”.

We’ve had a lot of fun creating this world and seeing the silly dances people create. The Dance is a fun experience not only for the player, but everyone in the room! Seriously, once you start a conga line on this dance floor, there’s no stopping one from starting in your living room.

If for some reason you don’t want to use your own music, Harmonix Music VR features 17 songs as is, including music from Amplitude, A City Sleeps, and other “hand-crafted” original content.

Certainly looks interesting. Now, does anyone remember Fluid on the original PlayStation?

Source: Playstation Blog.