Bethesda Proclaim “Quake Is Back” With Quake Champions

Let’s just say that while it wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be, I totally called this. Tim Willits, a man I have met a few times, began the Bethesda conference to announce Quake Champions. Described as a Competitive Arena Shooter, it will be a fast paced shooter, “running at 120hz, with unlocked frame rate”, exclusively for PC.


It will also include unique heroes, sort of like Overwatch, to allow for asymmetric gameplay combined with the typical arena shooter mechanics. Think “Quake 3 Arena” but evolved to the 21st century. Tim closed the segment by saying that more will be revealed at Quakecon. So we will certainly be keen to learn more details on this game when that event arrives.

So, we’re getting a new Quake multiplayer game. While it’s only a teaser now, I’m certainly at least a little excited for it. What about you? Excited? A little lukewarm to it? Sound off below!


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  1. Sorry, but this isn’t Quake… give me another decent single player game and not ANOTHER multiplayer shooter…

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