Just Dance 2017 Launches This October For PC And Consoles, Nintendo NX Next Year

Ubisoft has started its E3 2016 conference with a bit of strange dance number which has confirmed Just Dance 2017. This is the first conference so far to mention Nintendo’s NX as the publisher confirmed Just Dance 2017 will release on the console next year. PC and other consoles will receive the game this October. Sounds like Queen will be one of the bands featured, as the dancing was accompanied by Don’t Stop Me Now.


Other musical acts include Justin Bieber, Major Lazer, Sia, Sean Paul Hatsune Miku, Fifth Harmony and Psy. The Just Dance Unlimited streaming service will feature 200 more songs at launch on top of the 40 that will be in Just Dance 2017. More will be added throughout the year.

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  1. So much for a Nintendo NX proper reveal. Guess I’m close to bag the 99 points for the “Nintendo lied and there’ll be an NX reveal” if they announce it themselves. At least I’m not sure why they wouldn’t :).

  2. Later that day…..

    Mario and his gang find Ubisoft. They beat the unholy crap out of them for revealing NX reveal before Nintendo could.

    Mario, Nintendo’s paid thug.

    As for Just Dane, this is still alive? I thought it died years ago!

  3. I am strangely still not sick of this series yet. Love to bust some moves :D

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