Microsoft Officially Confirms Project Scorpio For Holiday 2017

The rumours have been flying around the internet for months and now Microsoft has confirmed the existence of Project Scropio, with the console releasing in Holiday 2017. The console will have 6 Teraflops, will support 4K gaming at 60Hz and high fidelity VR too. It will also have 8 CPU cores and contain the most powerful GPU put in a console to date.


The Scorpio won’t be leaving players behind as all Xbox One games will work on the console. Microsoft decided to announce now so it was open that developers were creating games that would take advantage of Scorpio. A price was not announced.

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  1. Is there any point of owning an Xbox, I mean every game of theirs is coming to PC, so why bother own one

    • It might just be turning into a cheap PC. One you can’t upgrade without buying a whole new one every few years.

      Which isn’t entirely a terrible idea.

      • At least Win10 won’t automatically start installing on it…

      • don’t give them ideas Amphlett. ^_^

    • Simplicity. I’ve tried pc gaming, too much faffing about.

      • That’s debatable, to get the best out of the experience I am better off owning a PC, better quality, performance. Xbox is obsolete

      • No way is it debateable! Seriously, consoles have always been simpler than a pc. Can’t see that changing. Xbox is far from obsolete. Don’t be a fanboy.

      • I think JustTaylor means it’s obselete for him.

        As for X1 and PC gaming, erm… MS have said they want a Unified Windows Platform and this could be them taking steps.

        Which could means that a lot of useless tat will be forced onto us. And Windows 10 will throttle you if you don’t get it by the time they are done.

      • Comment of the week goes to Starman. That last sentence.

      • Lol cause I voiced my opinion, I am a fanboy..

      • Yes, Yes you are. But not the fanboy you think you are. You are an opinion fanboy. Meaning, you always side with opinions.


        I’ll be in the corner for this awful joke.

  2. It’s seeming more like it’s the next generation Xbox instead of a upgraded version then? After just 4 years? Abandoning the current generation already? Getting a head start on the next one? When has that ever worked out well?

    Sony just need to start the odd rumour here and there about a PS5 before it appears, and people might just wait a year for something even more powerful.

    Or maybe it really is just a more powerful XBone. Chances of MS insisting all Scorpio games work on the standard XBone like the Sony rumours/leaks/whatever about the Neo?

    • The 360 came 4 years after the original Xbox. And didn’t the 360 have a years head start on the PS3? Didn’t do it any harm…

      I think the general idea is that games will be playable across one, scorpio and PC since their plan is clearly to unify them using UWP, and given the hardware similarities there’s no real reason why it shouldn’t work.

      • Original Xbox, 4 years, lost badly to Sony. 360 lasted 8 years, with an extra year on Sony, and was still beaten by Sony.

        No surprise they’ve given up on the XBone already. But if they get a head start again and Sony pop up with a PS5, will the 360/PS3 situation happen again?

      • If total sales are all that matter to you then fine, they were all beaten. Not sure when that became the sole benchmark for success of a platform but hey ho.

        Of course if you’d rather they just gave up and let Sony have the field all to itself then we’ll see how well that turns out for gamers… (Hint: it won’t end well)

      • How good is it for gamers when MS decide “Well, that console failed to sell, so let’s launch another one after just 4 years”? Pushing Sony into launching their next console earlier than they would otherwise.

        The last generation lasted twice as long, and even then it was probably launched a year or so too early.

        Obviously no competition for Sony would be bad. But useless competition who keep making stupid mistakes but sell just enough to make it worth an other attempt every time could be a good thing. With the sales and money to keep going, and a vague hint of competition to stop you doing anything bad that might help the competition?

      • How good is it for gamers when Sony decide “Well, that console sold really well, so let’s launch another one after just 4 years”? Pushing Microsoft into launching their next console earlier than they would otherwise.

        The last generation lasted twice as long, and even then it was probably launched a year or so too early.

        (I can’t be bothered to parody the next paragraph like for like, so I’ll do it from the imagined perspective of someone who shags their Nintendo 3DS)

        Obviously no competition for Nintendo would be bad. But useless competition who keep making stupid mistakes but sell just enough to make it worth an other attempt every time could be a good thing. With the sales and money to keep going, and a vague hint of competition to stop you doing anything bad that might help the competition?

      • My point, which you’ve obviously failed to understand, is that MS are the ones that rush out new consoles far too quickly. Sony and Nintendo don’t seem to be in any rush. MS are the ones, for whatever reason, that think 4 years is an acceptable time between them.

        Yes, Sony have a new version of the PS4 coming. Possibly because they won’t be able to keep making PS4s with the current parts. MS have just rushed straight into a XBox Two.

        Maybe they’re thinking “we’re selling half as many as the competition, but if we sell them twice as often…”

        This upgrade in half the time plan might well work for mobile phones, but it’s a bit rubbish for consoles. Unless they came up with some sort of monthly contract. £20 a month and you can upgrade after 2 years and include PS+/XBL with it?

      • That’s unfair. Sony and Microsoft are both doing the same thing. Both want to sell more hardware, both are coming out with more powerful consoles, both are having them live alongside the earlier hardware, but it’s Microsoft who are bad and Sony who are holier than thou?

      • It all depends on a couple of things though.

        Are Sony rushing out a PS5 already? No, they’re just updating the PS4 (quite probably for practical reasons).

        Are MS doing the same? Yes. That’s the One S, although does that have the extra boost in power available to games? Or just Netflix and others?

        And then they’re announcing Scorpio, or the XBox Two, or whatever you want to call it. To arrive just 4 years after the XBox One.

        If all the leaks are to be believed, Neo won’t have any exclusive games. It’ll just run PS4 games a bit better. Is that going to happen with Scorpio? It’ll run XBox One games, sure. They’ll probably run better. But how long before XBox One games stop appearing? MS have quite the record for abandoning old hardware very quickly compared to Sony.

        What if it works for MS and sells lots? Sony deliver a PS5 in 2018? Or a PS4v3.

        We could well end up with updated hardware every 2 years, and you can skip 1 update, but you’ll need every other one to run the latest games. Effectively a new console generation every 4 years. Might as well get a PC.

        It’s a bad idea whoever does it, but I trust MS less. Yes, it’ll play your old XBox One games. Don’t expect your old hardware to play new games for long though.

  3. So it’s an Xbox on steroids?

    Or an entirely new Xbox?

    What’s the point of owning an X1 then!? I mean, there’s two versions(or one if this is a new console) and well, the X1S and Scorpio pretty much renders it pointless to get an X1. Good that it will allow X1 games but it’s going to destroy the userbase of the X1. Want the new halo? Scorpio! Want Forza? Scorpio! etc..

    If this is the start of new consoles every few years, i am giving up with consoles. Apart from the PS4.I will just focus on PC. At least, it is expected to upgrade every few years. Not consoles! Consoles are supposed to last 6-10 year!

    Unless it’s going to be Kinect on steroids with revenge in it’s mind for being snubbed by everyone.

  4. A powerhouse, but without a price it’s hard to say anymore.

  5. Neo just got decimated.

    • Maybe or maybe they’ve played their hand to early?

      • Unless they up the specs on the Neo…

    • Have we seen what the specs are of the Neo? Scorpio certainly sounds like a beast of a console…

      • Rumoured to be the same CPU clocked at 2.1GHz, doubling of the GPU CUs to 36 along with a speed bump to just over 900MHz and a slight speed bump for the memory to increase bandwidth I believe. All on the new 14nm process.

        Scorpio we don’t really know about, but must be a significant jump over that to hit 6GFlops.

      • Neo is roughly around 4.4 TFlops and 220GB/s memory bandwidth. That’s the only comparable stats right now, seeing as we don’t know scorpio’s CPU/GPU clock speed and CU count.

    • I read last week that the specs for Neo that were “leaked” are not the final spec, they were put out there to get MS talking about Scorpio.
      Sony will decide on Neo’s innards after MS announce Scorpio specs.

      • Depends on when the target launch date is. We know when Scorpio is due, but not Neo and they can’t just whistle specs out of thin air – the lead time on many of these components, plus planning manufacturing etc can be pretty significant.

        If Neo is due anywhere this year or early next then I’d expect those specs to be fairly ballpark. If not then we could be looking at a similar situation again where both are using the same basic chip architecture with a few tweaks, and you can be sure MS won’t cheap out this time on memory bandwidth or ROPs; which has been largely responsible for the performance difference of the current platforms.

      • Neo exists in devkit form, and is supposed to ship this year. Specs are locked.
        Scorpio significantly better. Neo not as expensive.

  6. I wouldn’t be concerned about a smoother framerate or resolution bump but as soon as they release games that are unique to the Scorpio/Neo hardware – or versions of games which are remarkably different to XB1/PS4 versions – then it’ll be game over for XB1 and PS4.

    • How is that any different to the recent generation shift though? The PS3 has had a good couple of years or more of support for major titles alongside the PS4 versions. So what if a couple of years after the neo/Scorpio arrive the supply of ps4/one games dries up? You’ll still have had 6 to 7 years of software support for the platform which is more than reasonable.

      • The PS3 and 360 had double the lifespan before the generational change kicked in. Of course i don’t mean that it’ll be game over straight away, but it’ll be a lot sooner than it would be if we were awaiting a true generational upgrade.

      • It’s generally known the last gen outstayed their welcome, and besides I think both Sony and MS are indicating that the major generational shifts are now over. Welcome to a future of incremental improvements even few years…

  7. I’ve got to say the unveiling of Scorpio and play anywhere has made my mind up. I think that’s it for my Xbone for a while I’m going to get shut off it. I will get the Scorpio when it’s out as I’m not really too interested in PC gaming. I’ll keep on with my Ps4 and Neo when it arrives. It’s only 18 months away to play Scorpio so not too long away really.

  8. Surely it completely undermined the xbox s? Why would you buy one when the hank Scorpio is on the horizon?

  9. So consoles are trying the iPhone business model. New hardware every year by the looks of it.

    PS4K for me – Without a doubt day one. So I’m sure the green team will buy into this.

    • Sony and Microsoft have been forced into upgraded consoles as AMD is closing it’s 28nm production line. If either wanted to keep the same specs they would have to pay for the production line themselves. It’ll be cheaper to use AMD’s 14nm chips.

      So I guess that production of the original PS4 and X1 will stop when they run out of chips.

      • I did not know that. Very understandable and smart of them to take advantage of what could have been a disaster for both.

  10. So here is the thing. If each major xb game is compatible with Pc, there is literally no point in having an xb unless you need a multimedia box and play with friends on the couch etc.

    Pc gaming isn’t that much of a faff. Having two versions of the same consoles on the market at the same time (xb1 will be discontinued no doubt) while pay a bit more for a better spec Pc which will be more capable.

    • It is a faff with Windows 10. If there’s no physical release and it’s locked into UWP, not many will dive in with expensive digits prices and very little freedom.

      Not to mention that many will outright want a console over a more expensive and complicated PC. It’s really a bit like saying multiplatform games are pointless on consoles if they can be played on PC. It just doesn’t glue for several reasons.

      • Not if you get a new Pc with win 10 installed. The cross play is digital only and we are heading that way anyway. Pc isn’t complicated at all. The specs and performance can be complex at times. But the bread and butter of it is very simple.

        Know your processor, know your graphics card and your nearly there. 8gb of ram will handle pretty much anything gaming related (maybe not at super high spec but ram sticks aren’t that expensive).

        It’s not saying it like that because multiplatform games are tailor made for consoles then ported to Pc and sometimes not taking everything into account like how Pc games handle 60fps without a sweat.

        I agree consoles are simple but this isn’t making it simpler. It is forming the basis of incremental updated hardware which is like you guessed it Pc gaming.

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