Microsoft Officially Unveil The Xbox One S, Out In August For $299

Because everything leaks well in advance, we already knew about the Xbox One S, and now Microsoft have confirmed the slimmed down version of the Xbox One for release this August, starting at $299/£249.


All of the other details were confirmed as well, with the 40% reduction in size, even with a built in power supply, the option of a 2TB hard drive – 500GB is stock at that price – support for HDR graphics output in titles that support them, and 4K video output for Blu-ray and apps like Netflix. You’ll finally be able to stand it up on its side, with a stand that’s sold separately.

The 2TB version of the console will only be available in certain markets and in limited quantities, for $399/£349, while a 1TB model will set you back $349/£299 and the base 500GB model will cost $299/£249. The vertical stand is a separate $19.99 purchase.

It comes with a new and improved controller – available separately for $59.99 – that has a textured grip on the bottom, both wireless and Bluetooth support and increased range.

You can also buy a customised version of the revamped Xbox One controller through the Xbox Design Lab, though they’re more expensive at $79.99, with an additional $9.99 if you want an engraving.

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  1. $299 is incredibly competitive considering it supports 4K video and HDR output, whilst offering a cleaner package.

    Don’t particularly care for the controller, already got the Lunar White SE Controller, but the added features are handy going forward.

  2. Not sure about the white, but mighty tempting otherwise. If only they hadn’t “postponed” the DVR functionality… and if Scorpio really is going to out next year then I think I’d rather wait.

  3. Very tidy, and 4K too, even if it’s only for media I’m sure it’ll bag MS a lot of sales. I do like a good hardware slimmification, well done Microsoft.

  4. Not 2TB as standard as the leak implied but they’ve got it at the right price-point. Even better value if you can use the 4k/HDR. Integrated power supply is great too.

  5. £249 for a UHD BD player is great value. Currently Amazon lists standalone players at £429 and £650.

    Really tempted; got a 55in UHD HDR TV last week, and the only 2160p content I can get is Amazon Prime and YouTube. Getting a player for £250 with the bonus of access to the game exclusives I’m missing at the moment seems too good to be true.

    I just need one in black, please.

    • Whether it has a UHD drive is the question. It all may be limited to digital content, can’t quite be sure.

      • I wasn’t clear at first, but it seems to have been confirmed:

        “Stream 4k content on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video and watch Ultra HD Blu-rayTM movies in stunning visual fidelity with High Dynamic Range”


      • Ta for clearing that, was very conscious of the wording. A UHD for that price is solid value.

    • I’ve had The Martian on Ultra HD Blu-ray for a few months… MIGHT get one of these as a stop-gap until a decent stand-alone player.

  6. All very nice additions, but if you already own an X1 chances are you’re sticking with it until Scorpio unless you’re super flush.

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