Play Xbox One Games On Windows 10 With Microsoft’s Play Anywhere Program

As long as you buy the games digitally.

Microsoft’s push to unify its ecosystem took another major step today as during its E3 conference the company announced the Play Anywhere program, where games purchased digitally for the Xbox One will be playable on Windows 10 devices, and vice versa at no extra charge. However this program will only be for certain games with Gears Of War 4 being one the first titles to take advantage of it.

Microsoft also confirmed that this will mean there is cross platform multiplayer between Xbox One and Windows 10 devices too.

Source: Microsoft E3 conference.

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  1. I missed the conference… does this mean you can play an Xbox One game without owning an Xbox One? Or is it more like remote play?

    • The former. It’s just like Sony’s cross buy initiative, buy once and play on multiple platforms. It’s only on digital though, and only on certain games.

      • Awesome! That means I’ll get to play some exclusives that I would never get the chance too

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