Xbox Live Adds Clubs, LFG And Arena Features This Autumn

Microsoft has been listening to a lot of consumer feedback to decide what new features to add to the Xbox One and Xbox Live this year, and in a short segment, they unveiled what features are on the way later this year.

On the Xbox One software side of things, you have background music,  the ability to choose any language, regardless of your region, and Cortana voice commands support.


Many of these were previously known, so more interesting are the new community features coming to Xbox Live. Clubs let you create and join custom groups of players – for a PlayStation parallel, it’s Communities – while Looking for Group lets you hook up with other players with a common goal in a game – it’ll make finding a Raid party much easier for Destiny, for example.

On the more competitive side of things is the built in Arena tournament platform. Several games were mentioned, such as World of Tanks, but the big news was that EA are going to support Arena directly in EA Sports games in the future.

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