Explore Detroit Become Human’s Branching Story In Its E3 2016 Trailer

Quantic Dream helped to solidify the popularity of the branching stories that we see in the likes of The Walking Dead and Life Is Strange, but it really looks like Detroit Become Human takes that a step further.

Featuring Connor, a completely different android to the original reveal, it explores a tense and dramatic hostage situation and the myriad of different options, possibilities and eventualities that are open to you as you play.

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  1. I still have to play any of the Quantic Dream games that are on my pile of shame, unfortunately. But this looked good, promising.

  2. I was wary of this game. I also didn’t want to see David Cage eulogising in my face about art and love. Thankfully, this trailer has me excited. Heavy Raiin excited.

  3. It reminded me of the detective elements of Heavy Rain and i’m thinking that might be just one of the characters you play as.

  4. Loved Nomad Soul,Fahrenheit,Heavy Rain and Beyond 2 Souls, though I know they aren’t for everyone.

    Looking forward to this.

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