The Last Guardian Is Out October 25th, New Trailer Revealed

Sony are firing out games so fast at their E3 presentation the staff covering the event haven’t even had time to joke about The Last Guardian before it’s on screen with a new trailer and a release date. It is, finally, absolutely, definitely, out on October 25th.

There’s also a new trailer with loads of new footage including multiple CatBirdRat things! Both the kid and the CatBirdRat seem to have had a few design tweaks since we last saw them, have a look for yourself.

Source: YouTube

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  1. Finally. But it’ll be delayed for sure… ;o)

  2. Can’t quite decide if the jerky animation of the grass, boys cloak etc is just part of the art style, or its PS3 heritage betraying it…

    • I think it’s meant to be a bit Studio Ghibli – so like an animated film.

  3. YES!! It seems like a lifetime ago we first saw that chain and the well. Fantastic news and I like the new trailer

  4. I’m thinking this should have been knocked on the head ages ago. That bit with some kind of weird samurai type dude chasing the kid looked awful.

  5. Right, so I need a PS4 by October 25th.

  6. I wasn’t expecting it this year so that was a great surprise!

  7. I really don’t care if they delay just one more time to make sure it’s worth it. I really really really want it to be good.
    Since it’s been in development for so long and it was a massive deal kast year I genuinely didn’t expect it this year. And I wonder what the rest of the game will pla like.

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