EA Games Are On Sale On The PSN, Get BF: Hardline For £3.99

First up, the deal of the week is excellent Ratchet & Clank which can be picked up digitally for £19.99 or your local equivalent. Not a bad deal, but there are some real bargains in the big EA sale, both Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 4 are just £3.99.



For a list of all the EA games on sale, click here.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. BF4 for £4 – Bargain! I’m tempted to just give my disc copy away to a friend who hasn’t got it and buy the digital version to save myself swapping discs. In fact, it appears CEX will take it off your hands for £11.

  2. These deals are not on store

    • Question: I bought the game by clicking the link, how do I get it to download on my PS4, it not there

      • its should say download to ps4 at the botton of the webpage

    • They’re def on the webstore as the image above is taken from there.

  3. If anyone is else is having troubles, I just searched ‘battlefield’ on the store search and the new prices are applied.

    Absolute bargain!

  4. Just bought Hardline off the store. Gonna take a day to download, but can’t complain at £4! It does have a single player campaign right?!

  5. Bought Just Cause 3 with season pass and took advantage of the BF Hardline offer with all the add ons pretty decent price.You may now bask in all my glory.:)

  6. BF4 multiplayer battles are epic, but the campaign I thought was excellent too.

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