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Assetto Corsa To Get Porsche DLC This Autumn

505 Games and Kunos have announced that they will be releasing  Porsche DLC packs this August for Assetto Corsa, with the content being available on both PC and console. The two packs will focus on introducing a number of cars from across Porsche’s history with a variety of types. Porsche is heavily involved with the creation of the DLC packs, working to create the most accurate simulations of its cars.

The Porsche DLC date coincides with console release of Assetto Corsa on consoles.

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    the first time i’ve heard of this game. Is it me or have they kinda failed to promote it? If it’s not already out. And Porsche? It needs some JAAAAAG or a Buggati Veryon.

    • They haven’t failed to promote it, rather it’s a niche simulator being brought over from PC, mainly aimed at hardcore group rather than the ‘wider audience’.

      Also please don’t mention Jaguars, we don’t don’t play golf here :P

  2. Both road and race cars, should be good.

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