Lost Sea’s Procedural Exploration Comes Out Starting On June 29th

Whatever the real reasons for the many disappearances of planes and ships in the Bermuda Triangle, it’s long been seen as a mysterious part of the world. That sense of the unknown makes it the perfect setting for a procedurally generated action adventure exploration game.

Eastasiasoft’s Lost Sea is out on Xbox One on June 29th, with a PS4 and PC release a week later on July 5th. There’s also a limited edition physical release on PS4.


You set out to explore many procedurally generated islands, each with deadly creatures and obstacles to overcome, while discovering the landmarks and trying to reunite with friendly crew members. With abilities to unlock, permadeath and more, there’s a few hints of roguelike elements beneath the trailer’s chirpy music a colourful visuals.

Source: EU PS Blog

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