Sony Agree To Pay Out Over Disabling The Ability To Install Linux On PlayStation 3

Cast your mind back to 2010 and you may remember a huge kerfuffle when Sony announced it was disabling the “Other OS” option on launch PlayStation 3 consoles due to piracy fears. It was a huge deal at the time, or at least the internet made it seem like a huge deal, most people never used the option so never missed it.

A legal battle hes been fought since then and Sony have finally agreed to pay out for removing the option. The proposed settlement, which needs to be vetted and approved, will offer $55 to those who installed Linux on the console, and $9 to everyone else.


However, this is a legal case so there are many hoops to jump through before you can get your $55 cash. Firstly you must be in the US, and must have purchased the original “fat” model PS3 between November 1, 2006, and April 1, 2010. You must then “must attest under oath to their purchase of the product and installation of Linux, provide proof of their purchase or serial number and PlayStation Network Sign-in ID, and submit some proof of their use of the Other OS functionality.”

Getting the $9 is somewhat easier,  as you must “may attest that he or she lost value and/or desired functionality or was otherwise injured as a consequence of Firmware Update 3.21 issued on April 1, 2010.”

That sounds a like a simple email to Sony would do the trick, rather than having to swear under other and locate a photo from 2010 of your PS3 running Linux.

Source: ARSTechnica

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  1. Only in ‘Merica! Hoo rah!

  2. It was a big deal at the time for some of us who were enjoying that functionality but with limited access to the PS3 Cell architecture it was never going to be as useful as it could have been.
    Anyway, i still have an OtherOs-capable phat PS3 stored away so no need for compensation here! :)

  3. Unless some people ended up with the T-Play3000(What? I’m hungry and don’t have much power or time left atm), i seriously doubt anyone got injured.

    And I hope the $9 dollars was worth the thousands in legal costs. You can spend your 9 dollars on not a game. Yep, you get $9 and can’t use it for gaming.

    I do hope they try to sue Sony again because they sold their PS3s and can’t get back the $9 just to see the curbstomp in court.

    Then again, it’s ‘Merica. A country where if you spill coffee down your lap in your car and off premises, you can sue Mcdonalds and win.

    I’m going to facepalm now.

  4. I’ve read that the only reason Linux was included was to avoid some import tax. It was never really promoted at all, not that I remember. The $54 requirements are pretty thorough, who’s going to have their receipt from 2007?!

    • You would also need a receipt for YDL and prove you bought the console for that.

      All this does is means Sony (nor any other company) will ever go the extra mile and provide nice to haves, incase someone uses it to screw them over.

      • Can’t really agree, as this was a feature available at the start, so it was different. Features are added regularly to xboxone and ps4. Xboxone is even getting a torrent app!

      • I thought they removed it after they went “OH CRAP! SOMEONE COULD HACK INTO OUR NETWORK USING THIS!?” Granted, PSN had less security then a prositutes’s rear entry but still.

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