Crush Your Enemies & Zombie Night Terror Release On PC In July

Where barbarians and zombies go, carnage is sure to follow, and Gambitious Games are publishing a one-two punch of indie game mayhem in July

First up, Crush Your Enemies is a curious looking fast-paced RTS, for PC, iOS and Android, coming out on July 13th. It’s all explained in the rather foul mouthed in-character dev video below, which goes through the game’s compact, territory driven fighting.

Next up, coming to PC on July 20th, is the rather excellent looking Zombie Night Terror, in which you command the undead on their path to wiping out the living. You’d be right in thinking it looks a lot like Lemmings, as you can give a handful of commands to the zombies and transform them into bigger and badder forms, to take out the plucky human survivors.

Source: press release


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  1. Best line: “We used this algorithm called… “BOLLOCKS!”. Hahaha :-)

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