What We Played #260: Uncharted 4, Pokémon GO, and Tropico 5

Given what’s going on in the world I spent much of the day trying to come up with clever gaming comparisons to various things. Is Brexit really like when SEGA left the game manufacturing business behind? Is campaign back-pedalling on the same level as Microsoft’s Xbox One U-turns? And are Nintendo really the Liberal Democrats? Well probably not, no. Either way, it’s heartening to have gaming as a form of escapism.

Coming from all corners of the globe, and taking in a range of cultures, races and beliefs, gaming at its best can be inclusive, moving, and intensely satisfying. You can play with people from all walks of life, from across the globe, and while admittedly you may often be shooting at each other, you’re sharing an experience. No matter what, with everything else going on, we can still all have that.

Tuffcub was the first to respond to the What We Played klaxon, and he’s still been blowing things up in Just Cause 3, while his friend has asked whether it’s called Just Cause because you have a just cause, or just ’cause you can blow everything up. Does anybody know for sure?! He’s also set to work on the Resident Evil 5 re-release on PS4, and thus far has simply remembered how annoying it is not being able to shoot and run at the same time.

New chap Jake has stuck to his guns – space guns – with yet more Destiny, though this week has been particularly bad for lag. Perhaps it gets worse the further you are from Earth? Miguel meanwhile is still in the land of the rising sun, and as such he hasn’t played that many games, but he’s put some time in with a friends new copy of Valkyrie Drive on the Vita, “which is a character action game from the creator of the hit ninja titty game series Senran Kagura. If Senran Kagura is Dynasty Warriors with boobs, Valkyrie Drive is Devil May Cry with boobs.”

Aran has been trying to get into Unravel but so far it’s not snagged his attention – see what I did there? – but he’s finding two of his other games equally challenging, with a pesky revolution happening in Tropico 5 while he’s stuck in Japan with no money in 80 Days. This has meant that Wolfenstein: The Old Blood has made for a refreshing change, despite the weak sneaky opening.

It’s been all about Uncharted 4’s multiplayer for Jim, “Naughty Dog delivered its first major content drop, delivering a variety of new gameplay and customisation options. Although the latter are a tad more expensive than I had anticipated, there’s a great selection alongside some welcome new tweaks such as a levelling system and changes to Ranked play.” He’s also fit in some time with Star Wars Battlefront’s Bespin DLC as well as Prison Architect and 7 Days To Die, with more to come on them next week.

Dave is getting prepared for his wedding this month but he’s found time to review The Technomancer, and play around with the beta of Pokemon Go. He also finished Inside in three and a half hours, which is apparently very thought provoking. Expect more on that next week.

Kris dropped in to tell us all about his time with Overwatch, “My first time playing Overwatch, and my brother very kindly guided me through it, as well as explaining exactly how to use Windows 10 as I got increasingly lost. I was pretty good with Reinhardt, even though he’s easy to play as. Roadhog is harder than he looks.”

He’s also been playing Hyperburner: iOS, a title that uses “low poly, heavily stylised graphics to replicate the sections from Rogue Squadron where you’re flying through tight corridors on ships. You don’t get to shoot, so it’s all about positioning. Super tough at times, and the addition of endless mode for levels once you’ve beaten them is nice. If it wasn’t so hard it’d feel content light for a premium title, but it’s got about 30 levels across six worlds and the harder ones might take an hour or so of attempts to crack.”

So what about me? I’ve been playing a lot of Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, which is an absolutely brilliant return of a forgotten classic, as well as making a start on Star Ocean: Integrity And Faithlessness and LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens for review. Beyond that I’m still finding time for Monster Hunter Generations, and having the odd go on Monster Hunter iOS when Noah gets stuck.

So then, what’s been taking your fancy this week?

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  1. I was thinking hard whether to get the last Dragon Age in the sale, but thought I’d first have to try the first one, which we got with Plus not too long ago. Well, that hasn’t aged too well, games really made much progress in the last couple of years. Not sure whether I’ll play much more of it.
    Apart from that I still enjoy Uncharted 4 a lot. I also ordered a new controller, as one of mine finally broke for good. And I found out I can get them sent over from the UK, where everything just got a lot cheaper for me for some reason…

    • There we go, every cloud has a silver lining!

      • You mean like England got kicked by Iceland, but at least Wales is still going strong in the Euro2016… ;o)
        *ducking and hiding*

      • Haha actually yes, we were predictably rubbish but Wales were amazing and totally deserve to go all the way. I’m looking forward to Bale vs Ronaldo, it’ll be like Batman vs Superman but with less capes and more balls.

      • Lol… excellent comparison, and capes are out anyway… :o)

  2. Quite a lot of Overwatch a tiny bit of Ratchet and Clank and Dirt Rally,Destiny for a an hour or 2 and think that was about it.

  3. CS:GO and DOOM made up most of my gaming week (really enjoying the latter now I’m a few chapters in).

    Finally made a purchase in the Steam sale yesterday, picking up the entire Bioshock collection for a little over £7. Absolute bargain :)

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