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Resident Evil 4 Comes To PS4 And Xbox One On August 30th

Capcom has confirmed that Resident Evil 4 will be releasing on August 30th for PS4 and Xbox One, and will include Ada Wong’s side story as well as Mercenaries mode and New Game Plus. You can get a glimpse of some screenshots on the official Facebook page. Resident Evil 4’s release on the current gen machines follows in the steps of RE5, RE6, and the RE: Origins as the series celebrates 20 years. Just pretend Umbrella Corps never happened.

What memories of Resident Evil 4 do you have? I remember playing it at university with some of my flatmates who were too scared to venture down the path into the village, and lots of screaming as they slowly progressed. I don’t think they ever got out of that village.

Source: Capcom

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  1. Must hold a record for the game released on most platforms ever.

    • Certainly must be competing for it. I am surprised there isn’t a 3DS version yet.

    • Tetris surely wins that!

  2. Resi 4 is badass. No wonder it’s dropping again :-)

  3. I’ve never played RE4 so will be getting this. I enjoyed Re5 and I never really finished 6. Anyone know if they intend on releasing as a collection on retail?

  4. I wish they’d release physical copies of these RE re-releases over here.

  5. All i’m going to say is i’ve got a PS2 limited edition copy with chainsaw controller on my shelf…

    • Same here – steel book and the display-cased-chainsaw! :)

      • Unopened Steel book tucked away safely xD

  6. Resident Evil 4 was excellent. Even more so, how they managed to get it running so well on the PlayStation 2 continues to baffle most devs. :D

    Top, top game. The franchise has sadly suffered since then.

  7. Nice, wasn’t expecting this to release until Nov/Dec.
    It’s my favourite game of all time so I’ll no doubt pick it up on PS4 – will go nicely with my Gamecube, PS2 and Wii versions… ;)

  8. “Whadya buying?” Well quite possibly Resi 4 again (for about the 3rd time). Cracking action adventure game with excellent mix of puzzles and gunplay. Arguably Resi’s finest hour. Just don’t forget to tool up properly as you go along as some of the later bits can be tough if you’re underpowered. Loving all these remasters to be honest and for quality like this I’m prpared to make multiple purhcases over several generations. Now, where are thos herbs…..

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