Microsoft Won’t Have A Media Briefing At Gamescom This Year

Though E3 still holds the most prestige, Gamescom is by far the bigger event from a consumer perspective, as hundreds of thousands of fans flock to Cologne each year to get hands on with their games. It’s also usually accompanied by a handful of press conferences from the likes of EA, Sony and Microsoft.

However, Microsoft have just stated that they will not be holding a media briefing at this year’s Gamescom. Instead, they’ll be focussing on those that can access and play the games on the show floor, with Aaron Greenberg writing that they’re “planning a new and more intimate Xbox FanFest experience for our fans across Europe and worldwide attending Gamescom 2016.”


Microsoft went all out at E3, showcasing a strong line up of games for the end of 2016 and start of 2017, as well as announcing the Xbox One S and more powerful Scorpio hardware, which is slated for release at the end of next year.

There’s more time between E3 and Gamescom than there was in 2015, but it feels like a similar situation to what we saw last year with Sony, who felt there was not enough of a gap between the two and not enough for them to announce at that time. Incidentally, Sony have yet to announce any plans they might or might not have for this year’s Gamescom.

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  1. Have Sony and Microsoft got an agreement to not go against each other here? Only PS 2014, MS 2015, PS 2016?

    Sony now have little competition for attention so it would be worth the effort.

    • Sony and Microsoft both had press conferences at Gamescom in 2014.

    • Nah, they’ll fight at WRASSLEMANIA! for the title of best company.

  2. As usual with Microsoft they have no rational course of action. we will well see what happens in the FanFest they have planned. Finally, probably not much. The only benefit will be the presence of playable games on their stand.


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