News Snatch: The Assembly, Ghostbusters, And Futurlab

The post E3 summer lull is in full effect at TSA towers so I do apologies for the very, very poor quality of today’s Snatch. At least we get to start with something interesting, which is the first-person interactive story thing, The Assembly, which will be landing on PlayStation VR at the end of the year. The game is “inspired by real-world anxieties” and is also out on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on July 19th.


“In an internal sales representative meeting, someone projected that we would sell close to 100 million Wii U systems worldwide.” – Safe to say that the Wii U failed to live up to expectations then, Nintendo.

Sega have acquired Amplitude Studios! Which sounds like it could be interesting, but it’s a studio called Amplitude, not the studio that made Amplitude. Anyone know what games Amplitude Studios makes? No. Exactly. Move along, nothing to see.

Can someone please write a plug in for Chrome that removes all references to Pokemon Go? I’m stick to death of the bloody thing already, I do not care you just found a SkimpySnarf down in the chilled produce section of Tescos. SHUT. UP.

A bug that stops you getting a trophy on Luftrausers on PlayStation Vita won’t be patched, as the dev says “The code is written for the 2012-2013 PlayStation codebase – we’d have to completely rewrite huge parts of the game.”


HTC are spinning off Vive in to a separate subsidiary, HTC Vive Tech Corporation. This is officially the most boring news I have ever written in the seven years I have been doing News Snatch

The King of Fighters XIV is coming exclusively to PlayStation 4, here are some work in progress screens.

505 Games has signed up OlliOlli devs Roll7 for a game, what that game is, we do not know. I can barely contain my excitement, I am sure you feel the same way.

According to Techland, you can’t have enough zombies. “I think the wealth of zombie games out there actually helps to prove that there is a healthy market for them,” said global marketing director Pawel Kopinski.

“Naysayers frequently talk of over-saturation, yet players are showing their support time and time again for these games. I think a big reason for this is that ‘zombie game’ isn’t a strict genre. It’s a setting or a theme that you can adapt to various game genres. You can have a zombie theme built around an open world title, around shooters, linear narrative driven games, survival games and so on. We saw that the key is to do something unique and well-polished with the setting so you stand out from the crowd.”

Katsuhiro Harada is blaming “SJWs” for Tekken 7 not having swimsuits when it comes to the west. Katsuhiro Harada is a cackspangle of the highest order.

The Tomb Raider movie has a release date, and it is March 16th 2018. How exciting.

Kingdom: New Lands, an upcoming expansion for the IGF nominated game Kingdom, is coming to PC in July! Kingdom: New Lands will also be on console for the first time ever when it hits Xbox One in July as well. Woo!

If you are a member of the Ubisoft Club then you can grab the original Splinter Cell for free, but be quick this is a time limited offer.

Hurrah! Some actual, decent news! Futurlab are working on a PSVR game! Huzzah!

And Finally, Ghostbusters the video game has got a launch trailer. It’s out on Friday and guess when we get a review code? Friday! That bodes well, doesn’t it? I guess it’s got nothing to do with movie as two of the ‘Busters are male, in fact one appears to have been modelled on me.

That’s your lot, the next Snatch will have a guest host as I shall be on my yearly jaunt to Hawaii. See you in August, tara!

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  1. Poor quality snatch.. Ah Kavos how I miss thee

  2. There already is a Chrome extension to remove all references to Pokemon Go. Possibly called PokeGone.

    • I must go check if there’s a Game of Thrones add-on for Firefox to remove mentions of that on Facebook.

  3. Have a lovely time, TC. TSA isn’t the same without you.

  4. Ouch @ that Wii U sales projection. Enjoy Hawaii TC!

  5. No swimsuits in Tekken 7. Instantly shittest game of the year then. Right? What? all that crap on Steam? Pfft, it has nothing on Swimsuitgateken. I mean, it’s a fighting game, where are the skimpy swimsuits? Stupid Star Jelly Worms… Wait, Smelly Juiced…. DAMNIT, i can’t think of a witty thing to turn SJW into. And no, i don’t give a crap about “SJWs or Gamergate”. Just let me be moody about gaming in peace. But yeah, Tekken isn’t known for fanservice. well, not Dead or Alive levels of fanservice.

    Pokemon go has already been attacked by the daily rags. According to them, it’s a pedo’s best tool and will cause everything to get worse. It also encourages fighting, staring at breasts and doing the cha cha. I may have made up the last two things but you know that is something they would make up. Also, i agree. People, stop using it as an excuse to trespass or be rude gits about those who *gasp* dare to get offended because you pushed in front of them or are being a nuiscaince.

    Tomb Raider, i should watch the Jolie films at some point. I mean, i’ve owned them for a year now. I er… kinda have a massive dvd library and no, this is not a penis joke. Dirty minded fools! Shame on you! SHAME! If i recall, the first film was excellent, the second, good but kinda strayed from what it did best. Hopefully, TR will not do the thing that AC did and take away the setting to dump it into one place. YEah, i hate that AC the film was modern day. I mean, it’s not like historical settings are interesting or that the entire franchise focuses on that with the modern day bits being fluff and plot excuses….

    oooh, right.

    It’s not that people are sick with zombies. They got sick of them years ago when it was Zombiefest all the time. It’s more to do with it not really being that much. I mean, Zombie game A is pretty much like Zombie game B. It’s kinda a lot of dull or er… meh zombie games that put people off them. Dead Island is probably one of the few that managed to stand out just by being a huge game with fun gameplay and variation but zombie games need more then zombie. You, survivor. Survive. Then there’s Umbrella corps. Why does that exist?

    I mean, really? Did Capcom think we, the fans were begging for another action focused resident evil? i mean, really?

    IT’s crap. It’s SteamGreenlight quality. The worst kind of quality. The concept,could have had potential. Instead of a crap MP game, have it be well, the story of H.U.N.K in Raccon city. Zombies, action. What? it works better then this pile of donkey crap.

    And as for Ghosbusters? I hate it. Not because it’s an all female cast although i hate the reason for the film existing is because of that but because it looks shit. I mean, the CGI is awful from the trailers and the jokes are…. erugh. Naturally, this makes me a massive sexist pig. Yes, they are really going down the “If you hate it, you are sexist!” route. One of the stars attacked the angry video game Nerd James Rolfe for daring to refuse to review it. Hell, he got attacked just refusing to review it but a lot of folks and it wasn’t because of the cast. He had a lot of valid reasons and i think, he barely brought up the cast. That’s the Net for you. For me? I hate the film because it’s gimmicky, it’s a remake, which i hate due to 99.9% of remakes being a bit crap or just not up to par as the orgiinal. And tends to force in a lot of “Modern culture” crap. I mean, for god’s sake, they couldn’t have just used the name to sell it? No, let’s use gender as a main selling point. Despite the fact that gender has sod all to do with a quality of a film but it creates buzz and we can hide behind it if we are critised.

    Wow, didn’t mean to go into a bit of a rant but sod this film! Because it’s bad. And that is terrible. Worse then the time Lex Luthor stole 40 cakes. Only, this is a billion times worse. That’s a lot of millions.

    • funny, plenty of people hated it for the gender thing, back before there was any footage, even before the cast was announced.

      so you can understand why the “sexist” label has stuck to the hate of this film.

      i don’t believe everybody who hates it is sexist, but i have no doubt most of the hate for the movie is coming from sexist idiots.

      and almost all of it is coming from people who haven’t even seen the movie.

      have you seen it to know it’s bad?

      saying everybody who hates the movie is sexist is just stupid, kinda like saying that every critic who gave the movie a good review was paid off by sony.
      and a lot of them did.
      give the movie a good review i mean.

      it’s hovering around 60% on metacritic right now.
      though that will drop sharply once they allow user scores and the

      i’ve seen it, i thought it was pretty damn good.
      no masterpiece by any means, but above average, especially for a reboot/remake.

      • I know and unfortunately, there are idiots that will put down a film because *Gasps* It features women as the main cast! But Sony and the cast seem to be using sexisim as their shield against criticism. That said, i will admit, i have a strong dislike of remakes. Mainly due to most being bad or er… ok, i guess but could have been better. I want to be proven wrong and for Ghostbusters to be excellent. People like erm…. i won’t mention her for fear of starting a massive argument due to whenever her name is mentioned, it sparks arguments but people like her tend to shove that crap around.

        But to attack critics or one of the main cast attacking criticism with “It’s sexist.” is crap. It’s same as suing Jim Sterling because you made a bad game. Ok, that’s not fair. Suing Jim Sterling because he dared to critise your crap is worse. But still, i have a strong dislike of those who use “It’s sexist.” to dismiss criticism.

        Many hate it because they feel it’s crap for valid reasons. Not because of sexist crap that makes many people want to punch them in the face.

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