Community Chronicle: 24/07/16

It’s been a horribly warm week at times, and beautifully warm at others, depending on your outlook – mine leans towards the former as my room catches all of the sun in the afternoon and evening. I’ve spent much of the last seven days with a large fan pointed straight at my face…

But who here is Hungary for some F1 action? Well, not only is it the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend, with yesterday’s qualifying a lot of slippy and slidey fun, but I’ve played some of F1 2016 on Friday, and can tell you that it’s looking rather good. Keep an eye out for previews and videos tomorrow, including an amusing prediction of what will happen at the German Grand Prix next weekend…


It should really come as no surprise that Microsoft’s hardware revenues have dipped since E3. Despite prices falling and sales, the announcement of the Xbox One S and Scorpio alongside has dulled enthusiasm for existing hardware. This in addition to halting production of the Xbox 360 has seen revenues drop by a third.

TheShepanator doesn’t think much of their overall strategy, saying, “They announced the Xbox One S and then immediately made it obsolete by announcing the Scorpio (probably rushed forward due to the new PS4). Not only that, but they literally came out and said there will be no more Xbox One exclusives and everything will be on PC as well. They’re just floundering around trying to respond to Sony and Valve while having no actual cohesive strategy of their own.”

Starman thought that “A big factor is we’re a few years in now so sales were naturally going to slow.” However, Bunimomike compared this to PS3 sales, which didn’t flag until five years after launch, saying “I really did expect Microsoft to have far stronger hardware sales this generation (after the initial launch) same as Sony and the PS3 but I fear that the PS4’s sales were perhaps too strong – coupled with the very bad feeling a lot of the gaming community had for Microsoft with the launch fiasco – and simply haven’t been able to claw it back.”

JR. went as far to say, “I actually think that Microsoft would have done much better this gen if they had stuck to their original idea for the Xbox One.”

With new hardware on the horizon, old hardware is always going to tail off. We’ll have to see how the Xbox One S fares over the next few months, but I’d expect it to do quite well for itself.

One of the faux pas that Microsoft committed over the last few years was with the timed exclusivity for Rise of the Tomb Raider. That’s now coming to an end, with the PS4 version of the game releasing on October 11th.

“Square might actually manage to sell a few copies now,” Tomhlord said, to which Avenger added, “Yeah, a few more than the one million plus sold on PC/Xbox One…” (these are fairly old figures, mind you)

JR. said, “Doubt they’ll sell 7 million copies on PlayStation platforms now, so they must have lost out big time. I’m glad though because it will hopefully mean the end of these ridiculous timed exclusive deals. I hope this was a very costly mistake for them.” Noting in a later reply that, “Yes, I hate exclusivity deals on either platform.”

Still, TSBonyman was happy that it includes all the DLC on PS4. “Ah good, all DLC included,” he wrote, “although ‘Blood Ties’ sounds like something that would take place in a courtroom.”

Nothing wrong with a good courtroom drama, is there?

We’ll finish with good news for one of our three hardware manufacturers, as Nintendo’s value on the stock market has risen at a ridiculous rate. They’re now worth twice as much and are even worth more than Sony!

Ron_mcphatty said, “Incredible, especially since the app was free. Good work Nintendo.” While Avenger stumbled over his words in surprise, saying, “Nintendo’s ability to astound never ceases to amaze me. Incredible stuff.”

But NicholasHeathfield was less stunned, recognising that the stock markets are an awful lot to do with perception and trends, as opposed to tangible things. “If it looks like a speculative bubble and quacks like a speculative bubble…” he said.


The heatwave hasn’t stopped people from playing games, at least. Youles has got plenty of playtime in, grabbing his 105th platinum with Table Top Racing: World Tour before returning to try and grind out the kills and epic challenges needed for the Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 platinum


Similarly close to a platinum is blast71, who’s two away for Battlefield 4, but hornet1990 has consigned Battlefield: Hardline back to never receiving the same treatment. After mopping up the game’s single player trophies, he’s not planning on trawling through hours and hours of multiplayer.


TSBonyman caved and finally played Alienation in co-op, beating the campaign ending Mothership level with others by his side, recognising that the game is so much more about co-op than Dead Nation was.

Eldave0 sneaked his way through Hitman Go, while Tomhlord reported on recently grabbing platinum trophies for Ducati 90th Anniversary, MXGP 2 and Valentino Rossi: The Game. However, they pale in comparison to BadBoyBoogie, who went back to Uncharted 4 to grab his 200th platinum trophy. A huge milestone!

The trophy leaderboards are on a hiatus at the moment, so after our brief Chronicle, all that’s left to do is bid you farewell for another week.

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  1. Speaking of Xbox games being on Windows 10, this is the last week you can get the free upgrade. I’ve been putting it off so far as I like Windows 7, but what are other people doing? I’m tempted to do it just to save the money as I’m sure I’d eventually upgrade.

    • I think it’s worth a try Gazza, the update gives you the option to roll back like a restore point and it works well. I’ve found 10 to be so much better than 8 on my tablet; settings, customisation, backward compatibility and smoothness in general are all improved. Sadly battery life is up and down depending on the last update and the App Store is full of shit you won’t use. More positives, OneDrive integration is amazing, in app and explorer syncing of files and settings is a piece of piss.
      I also upgraded my 7 desktop to 10, that’s been less exciting, it works well and the OneDrive benefits are great but I just feel like I knew where all the settings and tweaks were in 7 and have lost a lot of familiarity in the upgrade. Edge is extremely fast and the new taskbar is really good though, everything looks flat and pleasing and I’ve found the quick access page to recent files really handy. It also has a nice ribbon full of options you might never use and has binned that Library crap. I’d say it’s worth a go if you have an evening spare to play around, just don’t delete the installation files as they contain the restore point :)

      • Cheers, there’s a lot of features that sound really good, but at the same time Windows 7 just works for the most part.

    • I’m in same ballpark gazz, been putting it off for months as I like Windows 8.1. Did try 10, wasn’t keen so reverted back. Although I’m sure that I’ll inevitably cave and upgrade before the expiry date which constantly reminds me at the taskbar icons with a warning triangle!

    • I upgraded a while back and honestly haven’t noticed much difference aside from game compatibility. I still use the same software, the looks are different, runs a bit quicker on the laptop, that’s really it. Oh the only crap thing is you can’t do the most basic of tasks like watch a DVD. Dick move, but otherwise okay.

    • Make sure your laptop specs are compatible and that win 10 drivers are available for your models hardware. I’ve upgraded a few at work and it’s been an annoyance to only find out after the installation that some drivers couldn’t be resolved. You could try googling ” {your make/model} win 10 upgrade”
      Also look at something like “O&O shutup” if you want to disable all the “spyware”.

      • Thanks for the O&O Shutup tip, never knew about the peer to peer updates, what a scam! Have you got any other advice for people like me who haven’t had the time to tinker?

      • Cheers, I’ve got a gaming PC I built myself rather than a laptop so hopefully that won’t be much of an issue? Although it’s nearly 4 years old now so I might need to check…

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