500GB & 1TB Xbox One S Bundles Arrive Starting On 23rd August

The Xbox One S is about to launch on 2nd August, with the 2TB model leading the charge, but that version’s £350/$399 price tag might feel a bit high for those considering the sleeker console. Thankfully, the 500GB and 1TB models don’t seem to be too far behind, with Microsoft announcing two new console bundles that will introduce the smaller capacity consoles on August 23rd in North America.

Madden NFL 17 will come alongside the 1TB version of the Xbox One S for $349, and also includes seven pro packs and a month of EA Access, uh, access. The other bundle features either 500GB ($299) or 1TB ($349) console alongside Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo 5, so you can relive or catch up on Master Chief’s entire journey.


There’s no word yet on when these lower capacity consoles will be available in the EU, but Microsoft won’t hang around too long, in light of the drastic drop in Xbox hardware revenue. It’s likely because of this that the original design hardware has officially been cut in price to $249 in the US, to help shift older stock. A number of retailers have already been cutting prices since E3, anyway.

Source: Xbox, Engadget

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