The Xbox One Price Drops To Below £200

The price of the original style Xbox One console fluctuated during E3, dropping to around £209 during the announcement of the Xbox One S before recovering to around £227. It looks like we now have an official price cut as both Amazon and GAME are listing the console and a copy of FIFA 16 for £199.



However it does appear that the price is a limited offer, with GAME stating it runs out on the 27th June. When it launches the Xbox One S will cost £349.99 but does include a 2TB hard drive.

The £200 mark is seen by some as the barrier price that stops a console from being a ‘luxury’ purchase and with the price of a PlayStation 4 still hovering around the £280 mark, will Sony respond to Microsoft’s aggressive pricing?

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  1. Nice price but if I was thinking of buying one I would be waiting for the Slim, or even Scorpio.

  2. Very nice, I’m sure this will be repeated around Christmas and that Sony will get involved. Too early to start talking about a VR price drop I guess!

  3. Great price. If you’re not bothered about 4k video and already have a spare external HDD about, it’s a better option than the extra £150 for a slim.

    • +1

      There’s literally no point in waiting for a One S asides from 4K, not at these kinds of prices. Stick an extra £50 on the above price and you can get at least ten quality games through Access, Gold, and cheap digital game codes.

  4. Maybe. Just maybe. My now redundant Wii U will have to go, though!

  5. Great price for a brand new XB1 and it makes sense for Amazon and Game to clear their stock of original XB1, to make room for the XB1 S which will ultimately replace it.

  6. wait, aren’t these slimmed down consoles supposed to be cheaper?

    i mean, i know it has a bigger hard drive, but not 150 quids worth bigger.

    • It’s £250 with the standard 500GB. Cheaper than the original’s RRP.

  7. Currys have them for £190 with a game of your choice (out of 4). So tempting, but I just don’t have space for it, whereas I do have just enough space for an S in my tv unit…

  8. If you won’t want to pay for scorpio, this is a great entry point unless you have a 4k tv.

    Oh and HDR Isn’t quite as good as we hoped, it turns out that:
    1. Current TV sets are nowhere near bright enough to display the full HIgh Dynamic Range in a standard room. You have to compromise the range, or sit in an unlit room.
    2.HDR requires extra processing from the TV. As such currently HDR and any ‘game mode’ that tv’s have cannot be enabled at the same time. The result is alot of input lag when running in HDR mode.

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