August’s PS Plus Update Features Tricky Towers & Rebel Galaxy

Just in case No Man’s Sky wasn’t about to give us enough space game to play for the next few million years, Double Damage’s Rebel Galaxy is part of August’s PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection. It gives you control of a destroyer, letting you explore the procedurally generated universe and find work as a trader, mercenary or pirate.

Alongside this, Tricky Towers in a brand new game that’s coming straight to PlayStation Plus. A physics-based action puzzler, you’re trying to keep your ever-growing tower of tetromino blocks from toppling over… or at least from toppling before you can make your opponent’s fall. There’s both local and online multiplayer for two to four players.


Those are your PS4 games, while PS3 players can grab Yakuza 5 and Retro/Grade, as Ultratron comes to PS Vita and you’ll struggle to get the never ending chanting of the Patapon out of your head in Patapon 3 – yes, it’s another PSP game in the PS Vita column…

Disappointingly, Retro/Grade was actually on PS Plus before, back in August 2012. This marks, to the best of my knowledge, the first time that a game has repeated on the service, without being brought to a different platform. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!

The full line up is as follows:

Don’t forget to pick up the games that are leaving the service before next week. In case you need a reminder, those are:

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. I never did get round to Patapon so I might actually give that a go. Rebel Galaxy looks great, if awkwardly times! I really like the look of Tricky Towers. Not a bad month at all.

  2. So 1 game we’ve already had and 1 PSP game?

    Still, Rebel Galaxy is fun (but could have saved myself the money there). And Tricky Towers looks like “entertaining PS+ indie stuff that keeps you busy for a couple of hours before you get distracted by something else”.

    But Yakuza 5 makes the whole thing worth it this month. (And I’ve already seen some idiot complaining about it. Because they got it for free last month. By accident)

    What did MS do for August? 2 games PS+ already did, a wrestling game (which doesn’t count, obviously ;) and whichever Warriors game it was? Which is something I’d like Sony to do.

    But Yakuza beats Musou Game Number 417, so Sony win, despite a fairly poor offering from both for August.

  3. damn, i’d forgotten to download the PS3 and Vita games from this month.
    thankfully this article reminded me, i like the look of Oreshika so i’m glad i didn’t miss it.

    of August’s games, Rebel Galaxy looks interesting, seeing how it seems to be an Elite style game, still yet to play an Elite style game as good as the original Elite, hopefully RB is good.

    Yakuza should be fun.

    they’re about the only titles that interest me for next weeks plus update.

    i’ll have to remember to add them to my account. ^_^

    • Rebel Galaxy a lot of fun but it’s Elite lite at best.
      It’s surprisingly closer to AC4 Black Flag’s naval sections in both exploration and combat.

  4. Rebel Galaxy sounds interesting, Tricky Towers less so but the one i’m more interested in in Ultratron as it’s by the team that made Titan Attacks, a perfect slice of space-invadery action.

    • I agree but the only problem with Rebel Galaxy is it’s timing, so many very good games out in August. I will add it to my Library so I can play it when/if I get some free time.

      • Yeah, i’ll probably be in the same boat tbh! :/

  5. Only one word to describe this months lineup…

  6. Disappointed about Retro Grade as it has been on PS plus before.I’m hoping that they put one of the old Persona’s on the PSP as they don’t seem to be stopping putting up old PSP games.Also Persona 5 is out early next year so it would make sense to do it.

  7. Yakuza 5 is a pretty big deal and a great game. Just make sure you dust off your PS3 and that you have like 60 gigs free, as the game is about 30 and the PS3 is a little annoying when it comes to downloading games!

  8. Yakuza 5! Not really tried a Yakuza game and this is still £30+ and digital only so now I shall give it a bash. Nice update.

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