No Man’s Sky Latest Trailer Is All About Surviving The Universe

No Man’s Sky is around two weeks away from release and while we’ve seen footage of trading, mining, and exploring there hasn’t been a huge look at how you have to actually survive in the universe. The latest trailer shines a light on that by showing the different conditions you’ll have to deal with on planets, like the climate and radiation levels. There’s also a bit more of a look at fighting.

Source: Youtube

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  1. I think they’ve made their point in that video, it’s a survival game – you will die a lot! :)

    • Yeah, that’s what I thought. I think you lose all the stuff you discovered since your last save.

      • What? There’s no way I’m risking my Sword of Duquesne!
        Joking aside I’m now fully lobbed on for No Man’s Sky, it looks amaaaaaaazaaaaaaang.

  2. Wow,i actually thought this would be a casual exploration game with some trading and the odd skirmish if you wished to join in.After watching that trailer it doesn’t seem so simple,it looks as though you’re going to die,a lot.

  3. With just under two weeks to go I’m keeping everything crossed Hello Games have a smooth launch!
    Anybody know when the embargo is up, if there is one?

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