Severed Slices And Dices Its Way Onto iOS Today

The PlayStation Vita, in lieu of real AAA development, has long been seen as a great little handheld for playing indie games on. Many of the best examples of the past half decade have appeared on Sony’s second attempt at a portable console, but its dwindling sales have meant it’s simply not a platform that can support exclusive titles.

Drinbox Studios’ latest game, Severed, arrived on the platform back in April, but it didn’t take long for the team to announce that it would soon be making its way to other pastures. Wii U and 3DS versions are on the way, but the game is out today on iOS. These platforms make sense, given the game’s use of the PS Vita’s touch screen for the swiping attacks and blocks needed for battling through its dungeons, which precludes its release on console.


The iOS port is out for £4.49/$6.99, which is less than half the price of the game on PS Vita, as these things usually are. That’s still a high, premium price for a game on mobile platforms, but hopefully, with the game currently featured on the front page of the App Store, it can do well for the team behind it.

It’s definitely worth checking out, if you’ve read our review of the game.

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  1. A brilliant game on the Vita so I’m happy more people get to play it.
    It actually makes touch screen controls work, which is no mean feat, with fun and challenging combat.
    Drinkbox have made some really good games with Guacamelee being one of my all time favourite metroidvanias so I hope this is another successful game for them as I really want to see what they come up with next.
    It’s gorgeous too so I might have to double dip and play it on my iPad!

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