Joe Carnahan Recruited To Write The Uncharted Movie Script

Sony has acquired the services of Joe Carnahan to write the script for the Uncharted movie. Carnahan has previously directed Smokin’ Aces. The A Team movie, and episodes of Blacklist. He is also the director behind Bad Boys 3 which is scheduled to begin production in early 2017. It is because of this that Carnahan won’t be directing the Uncharted movie too, unless the schedule for that gets pushed back too.

The saga regarding production of an Uncharted movie has been dragging on for years, and at one point Mark Wahlberg was being lined up to play Nathan Drake in a version that would have been directed by David O. Russell. A couple of years ago Sony even announced a release date for the movie, June 10th 2016, which passed by last month without any fanfare.


Writers have come and gone before for this movie, so we’ll just have to wait and see if Joe Carnahan will stick around.

Source: Variety

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