Next Hitman Episode Revealed… In A Music Video?

Well, this was unexpected. Instead of going through the usual channels to drip feed game info, Square Enix and io Interactive have taken a different route. Footage from Hitman’s upcoming Thailand chapter have been featured in a music video for “Are We Stars”, a new single from Brooklyn band, The Class.


However, dig just beneath the surface and you’ll find that they haven’t been around for long – just a few days, in fact. Still, it’s a clever bit of marketing from the guys at Square and one that gives fans a meaty look at their next globetrotting killfest.

Expect to see plenty of motifs and architectural designs inspired by the calming aesthetic of Southeast Asia. It’s also fair to assume, given the amount of effort put into the trailer, that we’ll be seeing more of The Class as we roam what appears to be an idyllic Thai resort.

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  1. Sounds a bit like Depeche Mode to me. I wonder if they’ll have a hit, man.

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