Wrap Your Ears Around The Awesome OST For No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is out in just five days! Can you believe it? With Hello Games’ flagship about to dock, copies of No Man’s Sky are starting to appear in the wild. With a feature-loaded patch on its way and the potential risk of spoilers, we’d advise keeping those blinkers strapped on tight as approach next Wednesday.

Until then, be sure to check out the game’s official soundtrack from 65daysofstatic. Posted by the band themselves via YouTube, the 48-minute OST is now available to listen in its entirety.

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  1. I had the album preordered on CD (they still exist!) as a little collector’s item especially as the actual special edition of the game with a model ship was only available on PC.
    It should be coming today so I’ll probably wait until then to listen to the full thing.

    • I had no idea there was a soundtrack let alone a cd, thanks for the tip! I’ve added it to my preorder, also got the faceplate yesterday, you’re right it’s nice to have a few collectible a with such a big game! Let’s hope it’s good eh?

  2. Any word on a review? Or does the review embargo include even acknowledging there is a review? In which case you wouldn’t be able to answer either question. How about just replying with a picture of a puppy?

  3. Still not sure if I should order the game now or in a week or two.

    But that soundtrack is convincing me more. And they’re a strange bunch, from what I saw of them being interviewed on another, lesser website the other day. Room full of keyboards, guitars (complete with interesting use of at least 3 E-bows), and a massive box of teabags.

  4. Listened to it at work, suitably atmospheric so far.

  5. The second and third tracks sounds alright so far – Thats as far as I’ve got.

    It’s on Spotify.

    • It wasn’t on Spotify before. But now it is… That second set of tracks is interesting. Am I right in thinking that’s what’s in the game, and the first set is bits of it edited into something approaching more conventional songs?

      In which case, I’m even more interested now. How it ends up sounding for different players could be fun to find out, if it’s all generated while you’re playing. Hopefully the music just changes in a nice subtle way when different things happen. Which can work well. Red Dead Redemption did it perfectly, but it does impose some limits if it’s not going to sound jarring. (RDR was all in the same key, Am, for instance)

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