Here’s Some More Screenshots From The Last Guardian

After years of rumour and speculation, Team Ico’s The Last Guardian will finally launch this October on PlayStation 4. Even with the world-beating success of Uncharted 4 and, now, No Man’s Sky, it’s still billed as one of Sony’s biggest exclusives of the year.

This latest quintet of shots don’t give away much. We’re still looking at a child protagonist and his chimera-like companion, exploring an abandoned network of ruins. If anything, this short gallery is there to keep PlayStation fans keen as we head into yet another packed season of gaming greatness.

The Last Guardian will release on October 25th.

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  1. *happy sigh*

    Really hope it’s a gem when it comes out.

    • Ive gone from blind faith to that annoying Internet-born attitude of thinking ‘it had better be good’, I also cancelled my preorder last week as after all this time I’ve finally gotten Trico fatigue. I hope it’s good too but I think after holding out big hopes for MGS V for so long and ultimately being a bit disappointed I’m way more wary of these long-promised epics. After all, too much whittling a stick shalt ruineth.

  2. I dunno….after all the secrecy and what feels like 20 years of development, I’m no longer interested in this title. Even after seeing it and getting a confirmed release date…I’m still not sold on this. Shame really since I like the studios previous work…especially Shadow of the Colossus.

    Either way I hope all the fans that have been waiting for ages really enjoy it when it does finally release.

  3. I can see where ur coming from MSG was hugely disappointing and I’m glad I don’t pre order games for this reason. FF15 for example has been in development for ..’who was Prime Minister in 1985′ lets just say forever. I’m hoping this will great but I will remain skeptic until TSA review it. As for the last guardian I’m sure it will good and will surprise everyone….hopefully

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