Community Chronicle: 14/08/16

As I mentioned yesterday,I’m here covering this week’s Chronicle while Tef jets off to Cologne, clearly because he can’t get enough of that jet lag stuff he keeps going on about!

Anyway, let’s have a quick recap of the big discussion point of the past week shall we?


It would be rude to ignore the game everyone’s been talking about this week; No Man’s Sky. With our own review still in the works, we took a look how other critics had received it with a little round up.

It’s fair to say the reviews have been mixed, with Stormy saying “after reading the most negative ones and the positive ones I do end up feeling a bit disappointed”.

On the other hand, MrYd thought the scores were a tad harsh, believing the game’s a “definite 8 or 9, with potential improvements coming which could push it up to 9 or 10.”

Maybe those ‘potential improvements’ will include revamped multiplayer, to create “unpredictable and fun PvP and PvE battles” as suggested by Avenger.

It’s clear that although No Man’s Sky impresses a lot of players, there’s a lot for Hello Games to work on, including adding some depth and variety to the game.

Two years ago at GamesCom we saw that lovely trailer for RiME, an open world third person adventure game. Since then, Tequila Works reacquired the rights to the game from Sony earlier this year, and this week we heard the news that Grey Box and Six Foot are partnering to publish the game.

Bunimomike did some more reading and found that “it would appear that there was truly zero game behind the trailer, as it were, and I’m guessing publisher(s) are feeling very wary of it right now. I can’t blame them either.”

Although disheartened by that new information, ron_mcphatty still hopes that “the enthusiasm for the trailer can be a positive thing and a big motivation for the new devs, playing on our fondness for Ico as well as showing crisp, beautifully environments with mysterious ruins was a great move”.

JR., naturally feeling let down by the original trailer said “there should be a rule against releasing trailers for games that don’t actually exist. Gamescom/E3 and the likes shouldn’t allow it in my opinion.”

We’ve previously seen a large backlash for developers who release trailers depicting unrealistic graphics compared to the final version (Ubisoft being the big one here), but a gameplay-like trailer based on a game that doesn’t yet exist must be a first…

[You’ve clearly forgotten all about the PlayStation 3 reveal and all the CGI trailer for Killzone 2, MotorStorm and more! – Tef]


Moving on to the achievements now, Crazy_Del adds another platinum to his cabinet, this time it was for Batman: Arkham Knight, where he found the Knightmare Difficult good fun, even if a tad challenging. Also in trophy news, Pixel_nme did a “marathon sesh” on Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel in order to bag his 24th platinum.

Andrewww continues his walking simulator binge, finishing Firewatch, which he calls it “a fine game” and now moves on to The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

TheLoneSteven has been busy too, completing Metro: Last Light after finishing MGS4 a few weeks back. I hope it didn’t take him 8 years, or maybe he just didn’t bother skipping the cutscenes…

Meanwhile, aerobes finally finished Fallout 4, which he personally gives a 6/10. With a 70% trophy collection rate, will he be going back for more to bag that coveted platinum?

The trophy leaderboards are on a hiatus at the moment, so after our brief Chronicle, all that’s left to do is bid you farewell for another week.



  1. No Man’s Sky definitely got the community talking. I’m loving it so far, the scope of it is just mind blowing! Sod improving the game I’d like to know who else (if anyone at all) is in the same galaxy as me, and I’d love to see a universe map showing where everyone has started and a tiny wiggly line with their routes towards the centre. If that’s even possible it’d be mind blowing! I would also like a copy of the universe on a floppy disc please :)

    • Sean Murray once alluded to the basic code being so small it would fit on a floppy disk.. :)

      I’m having a blast so far, I’ve spent 12 hours in first star system and can access the universe map to move on .. but there’s no rush! :)

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