What We Played #267 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, F1 2016 & Reigns

It’s been a good couple of weeks for Great Britain at the Olympics. Witnessing some of the world’s best athletes performing at the highest level can be both wondrous and inspiring, and there’s every chance that having watched an array of sporting heroes you may now be in possession of a new badminton racket or pair of running shoes. Mind you, some of us may live a somewhat more sedentary lifestyle, with gaming being a window into sports and activities that we can’t play, whether due to poor health, or a lack of… erm… skill.

As we approach the yearly entries of our favourite sports games then, with Madden first to the blocks, it’s clear that gaming can take you to places and put you into situations that you likely couldn’t hope to be in in real life – of course not everyone wants to be shot at – and this remains one of its indelible strengths. Escapism plays a role, but wish fulfilment is the stronger psychological element to a hobby that can help everyone do things they’ve only ever dreamed about.

Despite all of the sport on our telly box I’ve still snuck in plenty of gaming this week, though the lion’s share has gone to F1 2016 which I reviewed and greatly enjoyed – I think F1 fans are going to lap it up! (Puns are nearly always intended). I’ve also been cracking on with our review of King Of Fighters XIV which I can’t talk about yet because of one of those pesky embargoes, as well as taking a whole day to make my first foray into No Man’s Sky. After about eight hours of playing I am absolutely loving it. There’ve been a couple of crashes, and some annoyances with that blasted inventory, but it is escapism at its best, and a game where your imagination can fill in so many of the gaps.

Jake has been catching them all in Pokemon GO – 120 of them! Undoubtedly it’ll have been good for his cardio as well as his roster, and it’s not often we get to say that. Unless you’re heavily into Kinect Sports. On the other hand Dave has worms… Worms WMD that is! And he’ll be reviewing it next week! That’s after his hugely enjoyable run through Deus Ex: Mankind Divided which sounds fantastic.

Tuffcub also popped in to let us know what he’s been up to this week;

“I’ve been playing Bears Can’t Drift!? for review, which is a frustrating yet charming kart racer. I’ve  also been dabbling in some slightly improved Transformers: Fall of Cybertron on PS4, a smidgen of Destiny and a little Gravity Rush Remastered. However, this week I have been mostly playing Infamous: Last Light, which is an awful lot of fun, even the challenge rooms which are the sort of thing I usual avoid like the plague. I’m trying to clear through my pile of shame.”

For Aran this week has been all about No Man’s Sky. He seems to find it very relaxing, but how couldn’t you when you discover planets with oceans of Ribena? (Please note that Hello Games are unlikely to have put advertising into their game, it’s just Aran’s imagination. I think). Besides that he’s continued to play through Civ 5, with Attila making a bid for Aran’s territory. He managed to fight him off, make peace, and then raise an army of his own and take some of Atilla’s land. He’s not been back since.

Miguel has been playing Overwatch in an effort to grind out those special summer skins, as well as squashing giant bugs in EDF. Meanwhile Jim has also been squeezing in time for some multiplayer, with both Uncharted 4 and Overwatch making for the tag team. He’s also managed to sit down with Deus Ex GO which he thinks is going to be the perfect accompaniment to Mankind Divided.

Finally it’s Kris’ turn to talk about his games;

“Plenty of Spider-Man Unlimited on iOS. It’s a basic infinite runner with card mechanics, but it’s Spider-Man and I’m properly hooked. It does a decent job of weaving a lightweight narrative into a genre that shouldn’t really work with one, and it’s got a good range of characters to collect. It’s free-to-play but I’m edging towards dropping money on it.

Also lots of Reigns, a new kingdom management game that Tef has talked about on the site before. I’m playing that with intent to write something up about it, so watch out for that”

But enough about us – what on earth have you been playing? Or have you been too busy watching sports?

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  1. Couldn’t sign in yesterday to do this due to getting an error,Anyway this week has been Dead Island on Monday with Forrest and R1MJAW then Wednesday joined Forrest again along with Toutski and Berzerka for Division,Friday started playing F1 2016 and Titanfall 2 which i think looks as good if not better than when i spent many months playing the original when i had Xbox one it’s been running better so far also not one hiccup,Friday night was rounded off with R1MJAW heedbaw and Forrest for the usual GtaV and several more games of F1 and Titanfall with No Mans Sky over the weekend.

  2. In my second full week of owning a PS4 I have been sinking hours into Dragon Age: Inquisition, both SP and MP. Started on The Witcher 3 but think I’ll “complete” DA first before moving on to that as they’re a tad similar in scope. Uncharted 4 has me hooked (no pun intended)and I’m also persevering with it’s MP although I’m singularly awful at it. Overall thoroughly enjoying my newfound time on this machine…

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