CAPY Confirms Below Delayed, Going Dark Regarding Updates

CAPY has confirmed that it is delaying Below and that it won’t be giving any more updates regarding the game until a release date has been confirmed. The game was announced over two years ago as a timed Xbox One exclusive, and Summer 2016 was the expected window of release. However while Below is essentially ready CAPY doesn’t believe it quite meets studio standards, and needs more time to bring it to that level.

Making games is hard but rewarding work. Accepting, even after this long development, that the game needs more time is difficult, but it’s important that we are honest with ourselves as creators, and with you, the players.

We’re sorry we let you down with yet another delay. But in the end, we need to make certain that the hard work we’ve put into this game turns into something you’ll love, and to us that unfortunately means keeping BELOW in the oven a while longer, until it truly is ready.

If you fancy some impressions of Below then you can read Tef’s preview from a couple of years back. Things have probably changed since then though.

Source: CAPY

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