Halo 5: Forge Will Be Available September 8th For Windows 10

Halo 5’s Forge mode will be available from September 8th on Windows 10 PCs 343 Industries has confirmed, and on the same day the Anvil’s Legacy content will be available for Halo 5 on Xbox One. The PC version of Forge mode will have mouse and keyboard support, 4K display resolution support, and will allow custom matches for up to 16 players. A new browser to view Forge content will go live on the day too, allowing Windows 10 and Xbox One players to share creations with each other.

The Anvil’s Legacy content brings two new maps for Arena and Warzone, with these being Temple and Mercy. Mercy will be for Arena matches, while Temple is for Warzone. Three new weapons will be part of the package, along with weapon and armour skins.

Source: Xbox.com

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