Black Ops III’s Final DLC Pack Salvation Arrives September 6th For PS4

Activision has confirmed that the final DLC pack for Call Of Duty: Black Ops III, Salvation, will be released on September 6th for PS4. The Xbox One and PC releases will follow approximately a month later. Salvation will bring with it four new maps and the resolution to the zombies series that has been ongoing for the last eight years. In Salvation the characters Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai will face off against Doctor Monty to stop the zombies and save their own souls.


The four maps that will be available in Salvation are Citadel, Micro, Outlaw and Rupture. Citadel is based in an abandoned castle, Micro shrinks players so they’re fighting on a picnic table filled with food, Outlaw is based on the Standoff map from Black Ops II, and Rupture is the Outskirts map from World At War reimagined as a high tech facility. Salvation is available for pre-order and is priced at £11.59. If you have the Season Pass then all you have to do is wait.

Source: Press Release

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