PS4 Gamers Can Team Up In Don’t Starve Together Next Month

The vast majority of my time playing Don’t Starve came on PC, back when Don’t Starve Together was still in beta and I enjoyed the company of a friend while trying to survive the hostile world. I say friend, but are they really a friend when they run into the night after some monster or other with a flaming torch and “accidentally” burn down all the bloody bushes and crops that you spent so long planting and fertilising?

It won’t be long before PlayStation 4 players can share in this “cooperative” experience, as Don’t Starve Together is jumping across to the console on 13th September. It features up to six player coop online, as well as support for split screen, which works both offline and online.


The release comes alongside the new Don’t Starve: Mega Pack, which bundles it alongside the original game, the Shipwrecked and Reign of Giants expansions, and a pair of themes. In a nice move, that bundle will be 60% off to anyone that owns the original Don’t Starve already, which is going to be a hell of a lot of people, since the game was put on PlayStation Plus at launch.

Source: EU PS Blog

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