Watch 15 Minutes Of Dontnod’s Vampyr In Action

Dontnod announced Vampyr very, very early in its development cycle. We got to see the game in action earlier this year, but even then, it was very much a behind closed doors affair, and so it’s only now, around 18 months after it was first announced, that Dontnod are really showing the game publicly for the first time.

Off the back of their press demos last week at Gamescom, a 15 minute gameplay video has been released, showing off the game’s take on early 20th century London. At night. Because you’re a vampire. It’s the first look at the game’s combat system and the kinds of morality at play in the world, where every kill you make to sate your blood lust will have a butterfly effect through the populace of Whitechapel and beyond.


Vampyr is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2017.

Source: YouTube

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  1. It’s looks promising, if not uber exciting. Reminds me a little of the tone i got from the 2D Legacy of Kain game.

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