After 13 Years, EVE: Online Is Going Free To Play In November

CCP Games’ MMORPG first set off into space in May 2003, but has continually broken ground thanks to Eve: Online’s in-game, player driven economy and the vast corporations that have grown to preside over a vast galactic cold war. When that war turns hot, battles rage for hours at a time, huge fleets warp into systems, and headlines are written as the cost of battle rises into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I’m talking US dollars here.

In all that time, Eve has been subscription based, but using real world or in game cash to buy a subscription will no longer be necessary once the Clone States update is released in November. This update introduces two types of clone, the omega clones, which act as current active Eve characters do and are paid for with subscriptions or PLEX, and the alpha clones, which are the basic state that all characters will default to and a replacement to the 14 day trials that you could previously play with. Either way, you can play and explore the galaxy of Eve: Online.

Alpha clones have other benefits over the current trial accounts. You’re able to train and use a specific subset of skills in trading industy and exploration, and fly Tech 1 frigates, destroyers and cruisers.

For more about the Clone States, head over to CCP’s blog explaining what it means to the game as a whole. There’s other changes on the way as well, including Industrial Arrays that build upon the Citadel structures added earlier this year, a new ship, changes to the Rorqual capital ship, and more that will be announced as November draws near.

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  1. I’ve always been fascinated by some of the stories that come out of EVE, especially about the espionage and huge battles.
    Going f2p certainly makes me more likely to try it

    • There are some stunning things that can happen, and free to play pretty much destroys the only problem with the game which was paying to leveling up as leveling up was measured in real time. It really can suck your life up though, which is why I’ll avoid it.

  2. Blimey, never knew it was 13 years old. Have heard about the epic wars that have taken place in it and many battles started over very little.

    However, it is said to be very complex and takes hours to do stuff. Just from what i’ve heard at least.

    Don’t think it wuld be for me though as it seems to be a “BLIMEY! It’s Friday already! I only played it for one hour….. on Monday and… oh dear.” game.

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