ReCore Gets A Lovely New Launch Trailer

There’s several very big names who’ve been working on ReCore. It’s not just Keiji Inafune – even if his reputation has been tarnished by Might No. 9 – but also that Armature Studio was founded by people who worked on the sublime Metroid Prime series, and that the story has been written by Joe Staten, a key figure in crafting the story behind Bungie’s Halo series, and to a certain extent, Destiny.

Marketing the game has been relatively low key, but as it approaches release on September 13th for Xbox One and Windows 10, a launch trailer has just been released.


This is to be the first game in Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere scheme, which has gone live today with pre-orders for a number of upcoming Microsoft exclusives. When purchasing these games digitally on either Xbox One or Windows 10, or simply via the Microsoft Store, you gain access to both console and computer versions of the game, with game saves, add-ons and achievements bridging the gap.

For more details on Xbox Play Anywhere, head over to Microsoft’s website.

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