Telltale’s Batman Continues With Children Of Arkham on 20th September

Batman: The Telltale Series got off to a cracking start at the beginning of August, with a quite refreshing take on the Dark Knight and the man behind its mask. Leaving things on a bit of a knife edge at the end of the first episode, Telltale have just announced that the story will continue on 20th September, with the release of Children of Arkham.

You won’t necessarily have to wait that long to play it though, as Telltale will be playing the entire episode at PAX West on Saturday, making use of the game’s built in Crowd Play feature, so that the audience can guide Batman’s actions.


Additionally, if you’re someone who likes to have a nice box and disc on a shelf, the physical release of the game will be releasing in North America on 13th September and in Europe on 16th September. This will include a season pass code so that you can download each episode as they are released.

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