All PlayStation 4 Consoles Will Support HDR With A Firmware Patch Coming Next Week

Wondering when the next PlayStation 4 firmware update is coming out? Possibly alongside a full release of the firmware 4.0 update that has been in beta testing for the last month, Sony will be enabling HDR output on all PlayStation 4 consoles. Every single one of the little blighters that has been sold. All 40 million of them.

This came alongside the annoucement of the new slimmer PlayStation 4 hardware and the PlayStation 4 Pro hardware.


Update: Just in case you were wondering, yes, this does include games and is not just for media.

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  1. Safe to say that this conference was like a science lecture on how HDR works, I learnt a lot from this semister

  2. The biggest selling point of the conference was HDR.

    Bizarre to have a whole conference talking about it as the biggest reason to buy PS4 Pro only to then turn around and say you don’t need the Pro for HDR.

  3. Is the HDR for streaming videos only or does it include HDR gaming as well? It is unclear…

  4. It’s for gaming/everything they showed games running with hdr enabled.

    • Sorry this was meant as a reply for homerjnick.

  5. So is the fw patch coming the 4.0 one or just a HDR patch.

  6. Nice, fw 4 is shaping up to be a bit of a treat. So when you say it’ll support media, does that mean my Blu-Ray collection will look more striking on a HDR telly? Or do the films need to be some sort of specially made HDR version? And does anything else show films/telly in HDR, eg Sky boxes? 4K is nice and all but 4K and HDR together could push me towards buying a new telly at some point.

    • Sorry to be such a technophobe loser who seems to know nothing! Ah who am I kidding, I genuinely know nothing :)

      • Same here, I thought I did but the last couple of years have proved me wrong.

    • Netflix does 4K+HDR. You do need the £8.99 a month plan though.

      And a connection speed of 25MBit/s. Which is probably faster than a PS4 can do over WiFi. A wired connection might manage it, but who wants a long cable going from their PS4 to the router, which is quite probably in a different room.

      Possibly the updated WiFi in the new PS4s could manage it.

      But that’s still more bandwidth than most people can probably spare, especially if there’s anyone or anything else eating up bandwidth at the time.

      I guess HDR should work on 1080p stuff too and use less bandwidth, but Netflix don’t seem to do that.

      • Good to know, thanks. Got Netflix but only 5Mbps internet, bum :(

    • I don’t think all Blu-ray films support HDR and Sky certainly doesn’t on the HD boxes – it doesn’t even output 1080p, either 720p or 1080i depending on your TV and the options set. SkyQ supports 4K if I remember rightly – not sure about HDR though!

      PS4 wifi can manage over 25mbps, just, but it’s very much dependent on your broadband speed and how many other devices are connected.

  7. Don’t you need a better HDMI port than what’s on the existing PS4s to be able to display HDR?

    According to most sources, HDMI 2.0a released in 2015 and it’s needed for HDR. PS4, which was obviously designed before 2015, has HDMI 1.4.

    So what will this patch do exactly? Can’t see how my existing PS4 can support a video format which didn’t exist until after I already had my PS4.

    • As far as I can tell (and it’s confusing)…

      There’s two parts to the HDMI standards. There are 5 different types of connectors, but only 1 is really relevant here (the one the PS4 and TVs have).

      That connector hasn’t changed from HDMI1.0 up to the current 2.0, except for 1 thing. Out of the 19 pins, 2 are used as a “HDMI Ethernet Channel” and “Audio Return Channel” from HDMI1.4 and up. Everything else is exactly the same, physically.

      The other part is the HDMI version. Up to 2.0a currently, with 2.1 planned. That just seems to be a list of features (and you’re not even supposed to refer to that version number anyway, just the features you support now). So adding HDR support should just be a software thing. It just defines the standard for how you’re supposed to format the data. If your TV handles HDR, and PS4 wants to send data in the right format, there shouldn’t be any issue.

      It really is a confusing mess of standards. 5 different connectors, the main one may use more than 1 different cable (the ethernet/ARC pins) and 12 different HDMI versions (including the “a” and “b” and even a “c” versions). But with the PS4, it shouldn’t make any difference at all.

      Until something goes wrong and the PS4 is sending stuff your TV can’t handle, but even that should be handled sensibly.

      • Ah, that makes sense (after I read it a couple of times anyway).

        Thanks for giving me an excuse to go HDR TV shopping.

  8. Why haven’t they made use of this feature until now? Seems like they held it back, just for PR purposes.

    Anyway, it’s nice that we don’t need the new models for HDR support.

  9. Do 1080p HDR displays exist? I’ve never seen one unfortunately.

    • They probably do, but they’re crazy rare. No manufacturer wants to make them, because they’d rather sell you on a 4K TV.

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