South Park: The Fractured But Whole Has Been Delayed Until Early 2017

After the torturous delays and troubled development that the last South Park game went through, it was looking like The Fractured But Whole might be enjoying a problem free ride. Sadly, that wasn’t to be. Ubisoft have announced today that the game has been delayed until Q1 2017.

On the plus side, that’s not all that big a delay. It was already pencilled in for release in December, so Q1 isn’t all that far away. So to while away the time, why not watch the most recent trailer for the game on a loop?

Source: press release

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  1. Maybe someone realised that the new (20th) series is going to be as bad as the last one, and a couple of months between the end of the series and the game gives people time to forget about it?

    Despite how good Stick of Truth was, it’s definitely one to wait for reviews, see if it’s any good, or a terrible, unfunny mess like that whole last series.

    • The show has been pretty poor in general, for longer than just last season. There’s still the odd hidden gem of an episode (like ‘cock magic’ lol) here and there of course, but South Park just isn’t quite what it was these days which is a shame. By far my favourite animated series.

      Far too much emphasis on current events nowadays, much more (often unnecessary) gore, and terrible characters like PC Principal, as well as unfunny jokes that they like to drag on over 3 episodes e.g the whole Lorde thing.

      The Stick of Truth was far funnier than any of the recent seasons for me though, and I’m sure this game will be even better when it finally releases.

      • Not sure where it started going wrong, but there’s not been anything great since Cock Magic. And the rest of that series wasn’t great either.

        And the less said about PC Principal the better. Or any of that last series. It’s like they were heading towards some hilarious conclusion but forgot what it was along the way. And also forgot to make it funny too.

        I believe a certain popular internet hate group found it amusing though. Which says all anyone needs to know.

        Maybe it was after 200/201 it started going wrong? Stick of Truth must have been in development almost that long ago too, and the new one for just a year or two. So potentially worrying there.

        Then again, Stick of Truth avoided anything much to do with current events, which was a good thing.

        I’m just worried it’ll be a disappointing sequel.

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