There’s Going To Be A Monster Hunter Movie

The Monster Hunter series is one that has gained a reputation for being one the best games series in its genre, and in recent years its games have enjoyed a lot of popularity on Nintendo’s consoles. Now Capcom is looking to reach a new audience, and no it isn’t a game being released on PS4 or Xbox One. Nope, Capcom is aiming for the movie watchers.

In an unexpected annoucement at Tokyo Game Show the producer of Monster Hunter Stories Ryozo Tsujimoto announced that there is a Hollywood adaptation in the works relating to the main series. No information about which studio is handling it, a director, or any cast member has been revealed yet.

Source: Gematsu

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  1. So, who wants to bet how long until we see the headline “Monster Hunter Movie stuck in development hell”?

  2. They want to bring it to a new audience but decide the best way to do so for a game is to make a movie out of it and not release said games on other consoles?

    No. Just no.

    I mean, MH would sell tons on PS4 and X1! Dragon’s Dogma did well and that was Capcom’s own answer to Monster Hunter! Come on, give us it on PS4 and X1! The Wii U is dead. No bugger will be caught with one! Give us it!

    • But ain’t it capcom that makes monster hunter? So how would Dogma be an answer to their own game?

      • Because they…..


        got drunk and decided to it for a laugh?

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