The Tomorrow Children Patch 1.04 Adds Islands And Removes The Disassembler

The Tomorrow Children is a unique game that I have enjoyed my time with, but it hasn’t been without issues including those caused by other players. One of these issues has been people using a tool called the EagleCorp Disassembler to destroy homes which reduces a town’s population, and that means it takes longer to complete it. In an effort to combat that Q-Games has temporarily removed the tool from the game while trying to work out a way to stop it from having such a negative consequence. Patch 1.04 has many more changes to it including the addition of new islands and items.

The full patch notes are below.

We have begun issuing “Comrade Summons”.

  • Players can now acquire “Comrade Summons” by exchanging them for coupons at the Resident Store.

New islands added.

New tools and costumes added to the shops.
※ Further adjustments will be made in the future.Increased the amount of Party Member Privilege Stamps per player ranks.

    • Adjustments made to the bonus awarded when a residence is constructed.
  • Increased the amount of toil players can earn for their labor on the island.
    • Actions involving use of pickaxe, shovels and chainsaws.
    • Storing resources at the bus stop placed on islands.
  • Reviewed the amount of electricity generated at the for each types of resources at the power station.
    • Increased the amount when wood or coal is thrown in. The amount of electricity generation has been reduced for all other resources.
  • Increased the amount of wood required to repair certain facilities / buildings.
  • Strengthened attacks for Izvergs (Bondi, Zappta).

Adjustments made to gesture “Snub”

  • Of Effect “Snub” Adjusted For Rezidenty.
    ※ Rezidenty Are Those Who Own Bourgeoisie Papers, And Have A Residence Built In The Town.
  • Shortened the time required until the player is released from Cages.

New category added to Reports.

Temporarily stopped the sales of “EagleCorp Disassembler”.

We are currently working on measures to prevent population from decreasing sharply when Apartment Buildings are disassembled. This will be fixed in the future patch update.

Fixes made to the following issues.

  • To Receive Some Unable Of The Items Included In The Founders Pack.
    After The Patch Is Applied, Plyers Who Have Purchased Founders Pack Will Receive The Appropriate Contents Upon Entry In To A Town.
  • Missions Are Assigned New From Restored Towns.
    In Addition To Fixing This Issue, Players Can Now Cancel Accepted Missions By Pressing OPTIONS And Selecting The Mission From The List Under The “PLAY LOG” Tab.
  • Hit points of Izvergs are not displaying correctly.
  • There was a cost involved in moving to another town and building a new residence when your previous town was restored, or blocked.
  • Network error (A0002: 9329) were being displayed upon entry to towns.


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