Digimon World: Next Order Won’t Be On Vita After All

When Bandai Namco revealed Digimon World: Next Order there was some confusion as the reveal trailer listed the PS4 as the only platform, considering recent entries to the series had appeared on the Vita. Soon after representatives from the company stated that Digimon World: Next Order would be on the Vita. However it seems that there’s been a lot of miscommunication at Bandai Namco, with the European account now tweeting the following.

So if you do enjoy playing Digimon on the Vita it looks like Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth will be the final option to go for.

Source: Twitter


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  1. The Vita is still alive?

    Just wow.

    Could have sworn it was dead due to a severe lack of games for it and no bugger talking about it.

    As for Digimon, erm…. Pokémon?

    • yeah, didn’t you see the TGS conference?
      sony have released two new colours.

      course it’d be nice if they actually released some GAMES for their handheld GAMES console.
      but who buys a Vita for GAMES?

    • Vita is still doing great in Japan, selling 10-15k consoles and week and loads of games. It just died on it’s arse over in the west.

    • Have to say, my vita is in use every day. I have 6 memory cards and am going to be ordering another 64Gb card on payday. If you don’t mind Japanese or indie games then there are tons to choose from.

      It’s not always easy to tell. After all, most gaming sites will review a PS4 version of a game in preference to the vita one. Even TSA are guilty of this – God Eater 2 Rage Burst is a prime example. Lately, only found one truly supportive site for the vita, and, as not sure of the rules here regarding other sites, I won’t post a link

      With regard to Digimon World, this is a shame. The Cyber Sleuth game was great fun. While I would buy the vita edition, I won’t be getting it on PS4. I guess it’s one I’ll add to my watch list with playasia, in the hopes they eventually produce an international version (even if it has terrible “Engrish” subtitles.

      Sorry if this is a TL;DR post!

  2. This is beyond stupid.

    It’s a Vita game being ported to PS4 for a Western release.

    It released in March in Japan as a Vita exclusive. They’re bringing the game to the West now but not releasing it on the platform it came out on in Japan. All they have to do to release over here on the Vita is translate the game. Which they’re obviously already doing given that it’s coming to PS4 in the West.

    Just stupid.

    • Actually, it makes perfect sense unless you have been living under a rock. They are adding A LOT to the game I.E. better graphics, more missions, more digimon, an extended story, ect and back tracking to bring the PS Vita version up to date simply is not feesable, especially since the game already had poor performance on the handheld to begin with.

      The PS Vita version was scaled back dramatically from what it was originally going to be. If you look at the promotional images from 2015 next to gameplay of the release version, it is the difference between night and day. Lighting was scaled back, ground textures were reduced to a pixely mesh of greens with colored dots and so on.

      Here is a comparison of the promotional images of the game running on the vita in 2015 compared to what was actually released on the vita:

      • That only matters if the PS4 and Vita versions have to be the same. But nobody expects the Vita to match the PS4.

        Just give the Vita owners outside of Japan what the Japanese gamers got. All we really need is subtitles. Voice work would be a bonus but isn’t necessary.

        And they’re doing that part of the work anyway.

        It doesn’t make sense because the Vita version Vita gamers want already exists.

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