[UPDATE]Destiny: Rise Of Iron Suffers Launch Day Server Woes

You’d have expected (or at least hoped) that after two years of Destiny, Bungie would have a decent handle on how many people would want to play Rise of Iron on launch day. Turns out they don’t have quite enough server capacity.

As it is, roving bands of tapirs – an animal themed error code – have been preventing people from logging in and playing the game. Since I gave up trying about an hour ago, Bungie have now implemented a queue system for people to sit in and wait. That has quoted more than 350,000 people, according to Eurogamer and several others I follow on Twitter.


Now, us Brits know how to queue, but even then, there are reports of people getting booted out of the queue and having to start over.

The good news is that this is an early peak load for the game and, if you’ve been planning to play today, west coast US players will be giving up and going to bed. The bad news is that demand will almost certainly spike once more tonight as Europeans enjoy their evenings and US players start to come home from school and work.

Hopefully Bungie will have been able to react and add more server capacity in the meantime, but becoming an Iron Lord might have to wait until tomorrow…

UPDATE: Apparently it’s been fixed.

Source: All of Twitter, Eurogamer

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  1. “Source: All of Twitter”?

    Well played. That amused me more than it probably should. Now I need to make more coffee, as that one came out of my nose.

  2. I hope Big Bang Theory can make an episode about this xD

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxlhyX-4qKI

    seriously, will they ever learn?
    considering how it keeps happening, i think the answer is no.

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