The Oculus Touch Controllers Have An RRP Of £189

So after forking out for a new VR PC, and then another £550 for Oculus Rift you’d be forgiven in thinking that the Oculus Touch controllers may give your wallet a rest.

Well, no, not really. An eagle-eyed Twitterer, Nick Summers, spotted this advert for the controllers in his local GAME.



“Crikey”, as Nick succinctly puts it.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Crikey indeed. I think a lot of people will have budgeted £100 for these, so the extra £90 is only going to hurt the sales of games or other VR accessories. I’ve been shocked at the money Sony are asking for a pair of motion sensing sex toys and a three year old camera, these peripherals should all be going as cheap as possible to knock down as many barriers as possible, but they’re not.

    • Sony camera has changed, they redesigned it from the 3 year old one.

      • Apparently only cosmetic changes though.

  2. ZOINKS!!!!!!!!

  3. Fuck off!

    They want half a grand for the console alone and they have the nerve to charge almost £200 per controller!? That is taking the piss! That is Apple’s pricing and they are sometimes tolerated. £200 for a controller!? No.

    No. Bad organisation. Very bad indeed. Even if I was interested in this, it would be the one thing that would cause me to lose all interest in it. You can get a PS3 and a bunch of games for taht price!

  4. And I thought the £63 for a pack of two Move controllers was steep.

  5. Spared no expense.

  6. Yes but the advantage these controllers have over the others is that they can detect when you cock your thumb and point your finger for the peow-peow games ;)

    They are a bit expensive – presumably that’s for the pair though? And they might allow for further immersion through their hand gesture recognition, although you’ll still feel the controllers in your hand so maybe not. Interesting concept though.

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