Bethesda Confirms That Mod And 4K Support Is Coming To Fallout 4 And Skyrim On PS4

A while back Bethesda announced that it wouldn’t be bringing mod support to PS4 for Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition. It appears something has changed though with Bethesda now confirming that the games will now have mod support, and also feature 4K support. Skyrim Special Edition will get the mods first when it launches on October 28th, and once work on Skyrim is complete work on Fallout 4 will be done.

Bethesda wrote on its blog:


We are excited finally to get modding to our PlayStation fans who have supported us for so long. Modding has been an important part of our games for over 10 years, and we hope to do even more in the coming year for all our players, regardless of platform.

You won’t be able to use external assets though, limited to what is available through Bethesda’s creation kit.

Source: Bethesda

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  1. I wonder if Bethesda publicly blaming Sony gave them the kick they needed to get it sorted. Hopefully one day we’ll hear what the reason behind it all was, I bet it was extremely petty.

    • Seems more likely it was Bethesda wanting to do things their way, Sony weren’t having it, Bethesda publicly blamed Sony, only to find the response wasn’t “Ok, you’re special” but “No, bugger off and come back when you stop demanding special treatment”.

      At which point Bethesda caved in and magically find a way to do it. Presumably they knew the rules when they promised mod support in the first place. Makes them look a bit pathetic when they suddenly decide “It’s unpossible! Blame Sony!” only to change their mind later when their sulking failed to impress Sony.

      • I think what has happened was Sony applied the usual QA testing requirements to all content(*Insert Bethesda and bad QA testing jokes here along with all bug related jokes etc..*) and Bethesda had to keep on explaining that with mods, it is literally impossible to apply them due to the sheer amount of mods both franchises get. It is easy to blame Bethesda but keep in mind that they got it on the X1 without issues.

        Sony is a bit odd with some stuff and wouldn’t be surprised if their policies are in need of being updated. I could see Sony and Bethesda excluding external assets(have no clue if it means it’s the same on X1 or PS4 mods don’t allow external assets. Hampers mods though) being the result of both sides agreeing. I think with the announcement, both sides also were confident it was easy to implement.

      • I dont see why ALL the mods are needed. Just pick some of the best, they can be Q&A then.

      • The last sentence in the article is important, seems you missed it. They’re getting mod support limited to assets to in the game. So not proper mod support at all. Sony are being big headed demanding special treatment because they are the dominant system. They are lucky Bethesda are giving them this halfway deal.

      • Starman is right in that this is not the same as the mod support as X1.

        But I can’t see it being much to do with ‘big headedness’ or the like. There are very genuine and serious reasons not to allow externally created content onto PS4 systems.

        As to why X1 can use the mods… MS are more experienced in this sort of thing (look at backcompat) and aren’t all the mods created on PC?, which the X1 essentially is a win10 pc at heart.

      • Sony are lucky Bethesda are following their rules?? How do you work that one out?

        It looks like Bethesda wanted special treatment, Sony said no, and Bethesda blamed Sony. And then gave in. And possibly had to ask Sony for help in doing their job because it’s too difficult to follow the rules.

        If anyone’s being “big headed”, it’s Bethesda thinking they’re special.

      • I don’t think Bethesda is wanting special treatment but were using the same hands off approach to all mods. They will look and use certain mods as templates for future features but to apply the same QA testing to every mod, that is literally impossible to do. Even doing a few is not viable as that could open a can of worms of “Hey! Why ain’t I being tested? Is mine not good enough?” Bethesda isn’t one of the egostical publishers or developers. They did think about the mod scene and i really think both sides just didn’t clarify with each other what happened.

      • Seriously?! Bethesda wanted it to have proper mod support, same as pc and xbox. Sony said no. How is that Bethesda wanting special treatment?! Sony wanted and got special treatment with the halfassed mods it’s now getting.

        I understand Sony being cautious over potential hacking and that is the likely reason behind it but even if there was something iffy available it would be taken down swiftly anyway. Sony are using their position to get things their way, anyone can see that.

      • Of course it’s Bethesda wanting special treatment. Sony had rules in place, probably for the reasons you mention. And Bethesda wanted to be all special and be allowed to ignore those rules. They wanted Sony to treat them differently to anyone else.

        And when Sony said no, they sulk and go all “It’s not fair! Bad Sony won’t let us ignore their rules!”

        Bethesda messed up badly by just assuming Sony would let them do whatever they wanted. But somehow it’s Sony at fault?? Surely anyone can see it’s Bethesda that screwed up badly on this one?

  2. *Insert jokes about Bethesda and PS3 and PS4 and other related jokes here*

    I think this has been the result of both sides not communicating as well as they should and either Bethesda got the go ahead to announce it then Sony told them what was expected or Sony kept flipflopping on it as well, they could be paranoid about having a repeat of PSN being brought to it’s knees and just couldn’t decide on what they wanted.

    It is easy to blame Bethesda but Bethesda got it on X1 without issues and they were just confident in bring mods to consoles.

    Still, I rather use the PC versions. More variety, thousands available and is the reason why I am getting a gaming PC at some point in the next few years.

    That and seeing as consoles are on the path to being pcs, i may as well just get one, use consoles for FPSes, open world sandboxes and probably use just PC gaming for retro games, current games etc..

  3. The delay in mod support for Fallout 4 on PS4 might actually work in my favour. I played the game to death when it came out and won’t be going back to it anytime soon but it might be worth revisiting once the mods are available.

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