For Honor Drops Split Screen

Earlier today IGN reported that For Honor, Ubisoft’s upcoming hack and slash game, had dropped split screen from the game. Polygon have now confirmed the report, and have discovered that the feature has been dropped from the entire game, so there is no local multiplayer.

“The For Honor team made the difficult decision to cut split-screen co-op in order to deliver the best experience at launch,” reads the statement from Ubisoft sent to Polygon. “For Honor fans looking to play with friends will still have the option to play online co-op for the campaign and multiplayer modes.”


The decision to drop split-screen must have been a huge decision to the team as they have in the past frequently spoke about it being essential for their vision of the game. “Super-required, because this is a game about fighting with weapons, split-screen [is] absolutely a key feature for us,” said creative director Jason Vandenberghe in 2015. “You want sit on the couch and beat up your buddy, that’s the thing.”

Source: IGN / Polygon

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  1. Aerobes’ interest drops by about 75%. Oh well.

    I’d rather they had either chosen to delay the launch or do it as a post launch free DLC. I do know one thing, it better not show up later as paid DLC.

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