Destiny’s Wrath Of The Machine Raid Heroic Mode Releases October 18th

Bungie has announced that it will be upping the stakes for the Wrath of the Machine raid in Destiny’s Rise Of Iron expansion, as the Heroic Mode will be added on October 18th. Heroic Mode will make the raid a lot tougher for players, and the Bungie team will be watching to see which fireteam completes the run first. On October 12th a Bungie Bounty is being issued too.

This bounty challenge will be issued to people who are in the Bungie channel chatroom, and those who are successful will receive an emblem. This challenge will only be on PS4 on that date but an Xbox One bounty will be issued eventually. Bungie is investigating a number of issues like the Student of History trophy/achievement not unlocking, the S-39 Lightrider Sparrow not being available through Crucible reputation packages, and some players on local networks not being able to join each other’s fireteams.


For the final point Bungie has proposed a potential workaround.

If you currently have “NAT Acceleration” settings enabled on your router, this may lead to issues when attempting to join Fireteams. We recommend disabling this feature. For steps on how to do this, please refer to your routers manual. Some players may also need to perform a factory reset on their router to clear any previous settings that could be contributing to this issue. Once this has been done, please follow the steps within our Network Troubleshooting Guide to enable UPnP, which is required for multiple consoles to play Destiny on a local network.

Source: Bungie

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