The Elder Scrolls Online One Tamriel Update Coming October 18th For PS4 And Xbox One

ZeniMax has confirmed that The Elder Scrolls Online’s One Tamriel patch will be released on October 18th for PS4 and Xbox One. This update will allow players to travel with anyone and anywhere in the world regardless of character level. The update has been live on PC for a couple of months already. The update will also scale items to player level, include new daily pledges, add normal and veteran modes to dungeons. challenge people to one on one duels. gain new weapon ultimates, and tackle Craglorn alone if you wish to.


From October 13th until November 1st the Witches Festival event will be taking place, bringing with it new tasks for players to complete which will bring rewards. There was also reconfirmation that the Housing update will be released in Q1 2017, with this allowing players to purchase their own homes in game.

Source: PS Blog

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