Watch Us Play Some PSVR Horror Games

If you like hearing grown men yelp in terror then you’re either very, very kinky or a psychopath. Either way your lunchtime has just got a lot more interesting as I have a PlayStation VR and the new horror game Here They Lie, plus the Kitchen demo from Capcom. I might pop on a few other games as well, you never know, depends how long I an last in the scary ones.

Watch below or head on over to Twitch.


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UPDATE: Well that was nothing short of terrifying. Watch the whole video below, you can skip the first couple of minutes as nothing happens.

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. Quite dark but looked good.

    Were you playing with your head tilted most of the time? Seemed to always be angling to the right. Guess that’s the kind of thing that when you’re playing, you wouldn’t notice you’re doing it but to people watching, it is pretty obvious.

    • Yeah the view is much wider in VR and a standard TV cant fit it all in – right at the start when the lady in yellow dress is talking to you from my point of view I was practically motorboating her boobs. Not on purpose I shall add!!!

  2. Got mine this morning… It’s brill!

    my sister in the shark cage is hilarious.

  3. That’s actually the kind of games I would currently get PSVR for, but with RE7 being out only next year, and Outlast 2 not supporting VR, I decided not to get it just yet. But, of course, I may change my mind any day… ;o)

  4. Is the game worth a purchase?

  5. I am that kind of person that adore horror movies,games and TV series!Of course, I am interested in playing horror games with great amount of blood, zombies and other dreadful creatures!

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